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Psychic work from home opportunities are always available for truly gifted souls. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or an absolute newbie, I would like to guide you towards the trusted esoteric marketplaces and away from the high-pressure dodgy hotlines. 

First you will need to be brutally honest with yourself. Can you say YES to being a truly gifted psychic reader? If you can’t, nor will your clients! Don’t go looking for psychic work from home opportunities until you have a solid belief in your own spiritual abilities. Many wannabes try to make money in the psychic advice arena thinking that cold reading techniques or counseling skills will get them into this buoyant business. But they don’t last long. Unfortunately, while they crash and burn, these scammers give the rest of us a bad wrap - but that’s life.

You can live remotely if you are a gifted psychic work from home advisor.You can live remotely if you are a gifted psychic work from home advisor!

So if you are not yet a confident professional, I suggest you spend some time with my lessons for developing real psychic ability. Then, when you are ready to consider which psychic work from home opportunities suit you, come back and check my updates.

OK, so you are one of the real psychics and you want to know all about being a psychic working from home on the phone lines or internet and what options are best for you and how you go about getting into this business. Great, here we go.

How to get yourself into the psychic work from home market.

One thing to understand is that while everyone talks about this work being a job, it is really about being self employed. No-one pays set weekly wages - really - no one! You will earn a set rate for each minute that you are on a call or a percentage of the rate per minute charged to the client. Set rates usually start at or under $1 per minute and percentage rates can start at or under 30% and can go higher around the 40% mark. (30% of $4 per min means you earn $1.20 per minute)

Psychic self employment is a great way of life. I, for one, have always loved my psychic work from home lifestyle and the freedom it gives me. But when I first started professional psychic reading it was face to face with clients in my own New Age Store. And when I first joined a psychic phone network it was after only after I had sold up shop and moved to a new location. I was recruited by a good psychic friend already working with the line.

There are lots of similar options to psychic work from home by phone and internet jobs. 

You can offer online psychic chat, Skype calls, webcam work and even text and email psychic readings if you don’t like talking on the phone.

Develop your own specialty. Whatever way of connecting with clients you choose it’s always good to develop a particular niche.  Perhaps you are great at analyzing dreams. Or are you a psychic medium, spiritualist medium, perhaps you are better at giving psychic tarot readings? How about doing palm reading online, by getting your clients to email a photocopy of their palms? Can you offer numerology or astrology readings?  Giving psychic past life regressions is another theme worth considering if that is your forte.

Some clients will want to know how to end a relationship, others how to save a relationship. Often it’s nothing to do with relationships at all. You name it people want to get psychic advice about it.

Psychic predictions can be provided in many ways, whatever your talent you can find a way of incorporating it into your psychic work from home self employment.

Develop trust. Clients look for insight from psychics they can trust. You will build trust because being a real psychic you ‘get it right!’ When you build trust you develop a regular client base, one that supports you long term. 

Finding the right psychic work from home opportunity for new advisors.

First, find a company to work with that will give you a firm financial foundation. You want to join forces with one of the large and well established psychic companies. 

Avoid, like the plague, any company advertising premium phone numbers. Premium numbers have been outlawed in most countries, but they do still exist out there in the fringes.  You are in dodgy territory when you see with these hotlines. You want to check out the reputable companies and the reputable firms all have easy access free-to-call-in numbers. 

The dodgy psychic hotlines ONLY have premium numbers. They are very difficult to contact and if you do start working with them they will push you to stretch the calls past certain minimums or they withhold paying you. Don’t waste your time. If you are a good psychic, stick with good psychic companies. Call the customer service number and ask for an application to become one of their readers. They may put you on a waiting list if they have a full quota of readers. But that’s OK; apply to a few more psychic work from home opportunities until you click in with the right one. You will be tested and appraised then taken on if all is well. You will be self employed and that means you handle your own taxes.

You may also be contracted to work with only the one company. That’s good ethical practice. Although you can set up a second line to your psychic business, under no circumstances EVER bring a client of one company over to another or to yourself. It’s not ethical and most likely not allowed if you read the small print of the contract you will sign.

I keep an updated list of reputable psychic networks with who is hiring now on the Psychic Job Center page.

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