Readings by Red Hawk

by Trisha Martin, a.k.a. Red Hawk
(St. Louis, Missouri USA)

Readings by Red Hawk

Readings by Red Hawk

Readings by Red Hawk, came into existence, due to the fact that psychic and spiritual healer, Red Hawk, loves bringing her clients, hope, inspiration, encouragement, direction and clarity, by way of her angel-based, tarot and oracle cards. Coming from a religious background, she hesitated to use tools, in the beginning of her professional career as a psychic, but as she began to grow into her gift, it was inevitable that she incorporate the cards, as most of her clients were asking for them.

Upon receiving her first deck, she immediately fell in love with the cards, and as time has gone on, she now has a beloved collection of thirteen decks. The cards are like an entry way, into the client's situations, and give her a starting point, to begin her sessions. She offers her clients mini readings, which consist of a 3 card pull, and maxi readings, which consist of a 10 card pull. Both are very effective, as the cards, basically have their own power, and get the job done, regardless of what number of cards she uses.

Along with the use of her cards, Red Hawk also infuses, her gift of gab, as she shares her life experiences, insights, and wisdom, to not only connect with her clients, but also to let them know that she truly understands their situations, and readily offers sound, practical advice and solutions, with just a hint of a bite, to help them get their lives back on track.

Readings by Red Hawk, is another part of Red Hawk's budding empire, as she is also a talk show host, in which she uses her empowerment and life advising skills to keep her audience captivated; the author of six books; and an internationally known psychic, on various internet platforms, including UK's, oldest running psychic channel.

If you are feeling overwhelmed; needing direction, advice, wisdom, encouragement, upliftment, or motivation, Readings by Red Hawk, will leave you with a sense of relief, as she makes it her business, to guide you from the darkness in your life, to the light of hope and peace.

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Jul 20, 2016
Inspirational reader
by: Jamie.

It's so good to see this wonderful reader featured on here. I've had many readings with Red Hawk over the past 3 years, when I've needed some light shed on situations & guidance in many areas of my life. She uses her abilities & tools to a high standard. Always compassionate but there's bull with her either. You want the truth & some life advice? Give her a go. Five stars!

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