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Reticular Activating System

Emotion and your Reticular Activating System (RAS) will set your goals in motion. Yes, your RAS really is the Magic Key to Manifest Your Desires with the Laws Of Attraction.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, you're constantly gathering information via the senses. Even when you're sitting blindfolded with ear plugs in a dark room, your sense of touch, smell and even taste is still gathering information. You might notice how the ear plugs feel or how the slight cool breeze going through the room feels on your skin. You may notice a lingering taste from lunch or supper still in your mouth or smell a familiar smell. All the information from your senses ends up at the clerk's desk of our brain for sorting, evaluating, taking action when necessary or filing for a later time. That clerk for your brain is your reticular activating system - RAS.

If you sometimes feel like you're getting way too much information, way too fast and your brain is about to explode, imagine what you'd feel like without this area working hard for you and prioritizing the information by storing some and pushing the important pieces to the foreground. Every decision you make is affected by it. Whether it's buying a new car, getting a new haircut or looking for employment, you'll start noticing more information will start appearing everywhere you go. You'll notice people with the hairstyle you chose and how it flatters or detracts from their appearance. You'll notice cars everywhere that are like the one you chose and learn good and bad reports about the type of work you seek. That's because the filtering system now identifies those things as important and puts them toward the foreground.

Your Reticular Activating System is key to Law of Attraction Success.

Your RAS is the area where your feelings and thoughts converge with the information from the outside world. It uses your thoughts, goals and feelings as the guidelines for prioritizing and sorting the incoming information and alerts you to important information, while burying the unimportant in a different area of the brain. Rather than leave that prioritizing to fate, you can improve your RAS and make it work for you by using the two aspects of creative visualisation. The first is goal setting and the second is vivid imaging. Vivid imaging is the use of your imagination to view your goal as accomplished.

Setting your goals helps because it gives you a specific destination and a specific time frame to reach that destination. It helps create a clear picture of what you actually want. Writing it down reinforces the goal both visually and tactilely. Reading that goal aloud again reinforces the visual stimulation, while adding an auditory one. You are creating a new pathway that will stimulate your RAS to start prioritizing information pertaining to your goal, but the job isn't complete without one more step.

The last step is through the use of imagery and vivid visualization. Your RAS doesn't differentiate between real and imagined, so creating a vivid mental image will trick it into identifying and prioritizing your thoughts to help you reach your goal, alerting you to all opportunities to make it so. For your imagery to be vivid, you need to use all your senses and most importantly - *your emotions.  You should be able to imagine what sounds you'll hear, smells you'll smell, things you'll see around you and how you'll feel. Perhaps you'll celebrate with a meal, imagine how it tastes melting in your mouth. Everything you can do to make it seem more real than imagined brings you a step closer to making it a true reality.

*(The origin of the word emotion comes from esmovoir meaning - to set in motion.)

You'll be amazed at how your life changes when you start training your Reticular Activating System. Remember, when you believe you can achieve a goal, you can. You'll start noticing things that can help make your goal a reality. The same is true when you believe you can't do something. You'll find roadblocks everywhere. The challenge of running a mile in less than four minutes eluded runners for hundreds of years. Then Roger Bannister did it and just 46 days later John Landy broke Bannister's record. Since then, hundreds of others have achieved the goal, proving it was achievable before, just not believable. Make your goals believable and your RAS will do the rest.

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