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Romantic Love

by Queen Of Swords
(Online with Kasamba)

Romantic love is a regular subject in Tarot readings. Love continually appears to be foremost on people's minds, but our understanding of love differs from person to person and relationship to relationship. Our experiences dictate aour definition of love.

Scientists will tell you the feeling of love is born from the neurochemical oxytocin. When released in our brain, it creates a sense of peace and enables us to create lasting bonds with each other. Oxytocin, they tell us, is the key to unconditional love.

Saints will tell you that love is God. They will tell you that nothing else exists but love and all else is an illusion. They will proclaim their intoxicating love for the Divine with unabashed rhapsody. And they will exhibit the same exaltation of emotions that Romeo professed to Juliet.

It is difficult to distinguish between the words of a saint and those of a lover, for both are elevated to a new level of awareness through their surrender to love.

By definition, romantic love is sexual in nature, and this simple fact challenges the belief that it is spiritual. It is possible to transform what we consider to be romantic lovemaking into a spiritual experience when we understand how it works both physically and spiritually.

Conventional sex is fertility-driven. It has a clear story line starting with excitement, moving to penetration and finishing upon orgasm. This approach to lovemaking releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is addictive, like a drug. It creates an intense high followed by an intense low. This cycle causes one to crave their beloved and then be repelled by them once satiated, only to crave them once again when dopamine levels are low. Under this stress, we cannot create lasting bonds.

Spiritual sex is experience-driven. It is about being in the moment, joyous and spontaneous, without any expectation other than to feel. Orgasm is delayed instead of sought after. This approach to lovemaking releases oxytocin instead of dopamine. It helps to create the bond of unconditional love. It creates a feeling of safety and peace and completely changes the way one sees the world, and their lover.

Changing the intent of the sexual experience will create a different reaction in our bodies and hearts. This change will be gradual, but ever so rewarding. Start simply.

Firstly, make love with each other, not to each other. Secondly, make love with no goal, no objective other than to spend time together creating intimacy. Think of your lover as a god or goddess, for they truly are.

When one sees that both lovers and saints are correct in their convictions, one will see that loving your beloved is the way you love God.

In honor of Saint Valentine's Day, praise love and open your heart with a meditation on love. Sit quietly and focus on the heart chakra. This awareness point of energy exists in the middle of your chest. Breathe into this space. Cleanse this space with each breath. Listen to the tender whisperings from your heart. For those who do not have a beloved in their life, realize that love comes from within. No external source can make you feel love. When you connect with the love inside yourself, you will attract love from others.

One does not need to believe in esoteric wisdom to understand the concept of love. In this common portrayal of Jesus, you will see that he is pointing to his heart chakra with one hand, and pointing upward toward heaven with his other. He is telling us as simply as possible that the path to the Kingdom of Heaven can only be reached through the heart, through love.

"You know that you have fully experienced love when you turn into love ? that is the spiritual goal of life" --Deepak Chopra

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