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Psychic Rose of Santa Barbara CA United States.

Psychic Realizations

As a child, I remember being able to communicate with my friends without words. We would have silent conversations together, like “let’s go play outside” and we both understood. I remember being amazed that this was possible when I thought about it. As I grew up this ability went away.

Here is how I got to psychic work: A friend took a psychic healing/reading course locally which he loved and he persisted in trying to get me to take it as well. I was very resistant to the idea! Worn down by his insistence and as the first class was free, I eventually was willing to try it.

I was impressed that the class was all about being aware of and in control of my own grounding, life-force energy, kundalini energy, etc. I had only thought of myself as intuitive, not psychic, but it turns out they are very much related!

I became a big fan of the class and this type of work. I repeated the class and assisted in classes. Watching the people becoming empowered, more open and balanced, was quite fascinating!

Being a psychic it is extremely important for me to be able to take care of myself energetically and to be able to keep myself in “good psychic shape”. It is also handy having answers to what is the best direction to take in life and other “knowings” as a result of my increased quiet and sensitivity.

Psychic Rose

Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Skills

I am intuitive, psychic, able to move energy and create healing. When people feel stuck, for example, I am able to locate the area of stuckness and help it move along. I can move physical pain energy, as well as emotional and spiritual blocks that may be in the way of being a happy, whole, successful person.

I believe we all have a certain degree of psychic power but most of us are far from being in our own true nature so we are not fully aware of them. Studying and practicing brings these abilities to the fore.

My personal spiritual views regarding the psychic realm is I have noticed that the more I release and let go of my ego, the more I am able to hear the small voice that is the voice of The Divine. The voice of the ego is the louder voice, the one that tells us we are bad, wrong, or that we won’t amount to anything. The voice of the ego keeps us feeling separated from others. The quieter voice is the one that gives real answers to questions and real solutions to problems and brings us in connection with The Divine. 

I avoid telling people that I'm psychic unless I am with a person who understands this world of the subtle.

I would like people to know that I am an educator by nature with a particular ability to move energy. I am able to see where a person is in the moment as well as what is possible for them. I help people move closer to their potential of happiness and wholeness.

Star Signs

I am Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius. Typical of my star sign people are attracted to me as though magnetically. I have intuitive and psychic abilities and I am interested in the esoteric and spiritual. I am clear, direct and to the point. I am self-confident, intelligent, resourceful, strong and persistent. But I am not secretive as suggested for most Scorpios. I believe in kindness and doing good in the world and I have an ability to connect with people who are suffering or in pain. I won’t mention Scorpio sexy!

Psychic Consultations

When I read for people I first begin by checking their aura and, with their permission, I make changes to what I see in order to create balance. I then move on to clearing chakras, clearing energy channels and filling them with healing colors that are specific to the person’s needs. I bring in particular types of healing energy according to what is required. I also address anything specific they want to work on. 

Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual I am able to help by giving insight into what is going on and moving energy so that things can transform.

If they have a difficult relationship, for example, I might go up to the Akashic Records at the 8th chakra and make a new contract, or I might bring a new psychic “template” into the person to reflect current real-time needs. (Some energy patterns were created for past events and are no longer necessary.)

People tell me they feel me moving their energy, even when at a distance. They say they feel better and lighter after a session. To me, they look and feel cleaner, more vibrant and brighter, all of which is my aim.

I have also been teaching The Alexander Technique since 1992 and am well attuned to energy and how it moves using my hands.

I trained to be a Life Coach in 2003 and have been working with clients since then. I incorporate Life Coaching in my work with my psychic clients imparting information in a way that is easy to hear, makes sense and inspires. 

As a Life Coach I work with people in weekly sessions, which is the best way to help them resolve issues they are working through in their lives. I have seen enormous changes being made in my clients by weekly sessions as people are kept “on task” and thinking clearly. Greater results happen from a series of sessions.

As a result of my many skills and abilities I am able to help people make amazing positive changes in their lives.

If there is something not working for you in your life, allow me to help you. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

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