by C.B.V. Haupt
(Lakewood New Jersey USA)

I am a person of very strong belief. I'm a Dreamer, I spend time singing, drawing or painting, writing songs or poems. I love music and people, and animals. I feel life is a gift, mystery of its own. I see many things of this world from the dawn of time to this present. And I've seen how much this world has decayed due to control, power, greed and apathy. From innocence to the evolution of the mind to our new generation, its filled with chaos, and temptation.

Everyones at war, if not with someone or something it's within themselves. All of us have a right of choice and free will. Yet this world is so blind to the fact, regardless of religion or race, that we all live in this one world, the very same world where we breathe the breath of life.

I feel our world is in great danger. I feel as an individual I have so much brought before me and yet I want to help the world, make a difference, safe human life; but I am only but one person.

There are those who talk about the year 2012 and it is the year 2008 that is only about 4 more years...and in 4 more years I will be 23....I feel my need for help is growing stronger as well as my purpose ..and I need help in knowing that there are others out there, there must be a way....Thank you and God bless.

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Jul 05, 2008
Am Alone And Lonely In This World Of Mine
by: Pamela (Santa Fe, NM)

Have always felt lonely and that I don't belong, that I am different and can not relate to what most see as important. Have just been reading about this subject and see I have all the 'symptoms' of an indigo.

Is there a place to find others in my area?

Jul 05, 2008
I can see things
by: Redstoaware

My Mom always thought I was very intelligent. In Catholic school I was held back in first grade. It wasn't because I was stupid it was because I didn't want to listen to someone other then my mother. I get a lot of weird things going through my mind all day, everyday. I can't stop the thoughts ever. I have no one else to talk to but these thoughts always come true and I can't take it anymore. I'm at my end because I don't think I am talented or anything but I can see things and its killing me now.

Jul 05, 2008
Do I Fit An Indigo Category?
by: Anthony (Sutton)

Well to start I’m not sure if I’m indigo but I do know I’m psychic. I hear voices all the time, some times a can see people who past on if I’m really concentrating. Or I get, so called, feelings about people, if they are someone I should be around or not. I also tell people what is going to happen before it happens. Also if something bad is about to happen I feel cold very shaky and some times wont want to leave the house. As a child and even now I still have conversations with people who have past on or I will see different colored balls of light in mid air or rays of light around people.

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