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The Most Essential Secrets of Creative Visualization

To get the best grasp of the secrets of Creative Visualization I recommend you learn from the pioneer herself - Shakti Gawain. Here is my synopsis of her now classic guide.

What do you want? A job promotion, different job, better boss or even to become a successful entrepreneur, a new romantic relationship, heightened self-confidence, motivation and so on?

What do you want? Ask – Believe – Achieve!

That the Source wants you to have all the goodness you want and deserve is the premise of Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. This isn’t a book to just read and stick on the shelf to gather dust. Creative Visualization is a book to work – highlight, underline passages, make margin notes and do the exercises, affirmations and meditations.

Secrets of Creative Visualization in Shakti's Book

Using your imagination, you can create everything you want. Combining imagination with mental energy is a powerful technique to create inner peace, healthy relationships, abundance, beauty, health… all the goodness you desire.

Part One - The Basics

How Does Creative Visualization Work?

What do you want above all things? Make a mind picture of the thing, focus on the image several times daily. Power it with positive energy until the thing manifests into your everyday reality – as if by magic. You may not be a visual type person. If so, just concentrate deeply on the thing. Imagine yourself owning it, doing it, being it, etc.

Secrets of Creative VisualizationWhat are the Secrets of Creative Visualization?

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative, and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart truly desires must come to you”.

–  Shakti Gawain 

Shakti Gawain is a gentle teacher, who writes with clear, easy-to-understand language as she leads you from creative visualization to manifestation of your deepest desires.

The concepts are old and didn’t originate with Shakti. Rather she has produced a ‘synthesis of the most practical and useful ideas and techniques’, gathered via her extensive research and experience. Most especially her participatory study with the Silva Method.

According to Shakti, creative visualization is, “…magic in the truest and highest meaning of the word”. You don’t have to be a metaphysical student or spiritual seeker to benefit from the secrets of creative visualization. However, it’s important to suspend judgments and give yourself permission to believe the guiding principles laid out in this book are possible.

All is Energy

It is important to understand that matter exists only as energy. Humans are energy. All is energy.

Energy vibrates at varying rates of speed, from fine to dense. Energy attracts energy of a comparable kind and/or vibration. Thought energy is fine and attracts like energy.

All creative visualization work begins with what is called a thought form. Thoughts go ahead of manifestation. For example, a seamstress has a pattern, then creates a dress. In the same manner, you will use creative visualization to create a thought form (mind picture) of whatever you desire to manifest on the physical plane.

Thought energy is your pattern. Power it up and send it out into the universe. It will magnetize itself and attract like energy and ultimately manifest the physical form of it, into your everyday reality.

Congratulations! You have invoked the basic prosperity law of radiation and attraction. The Bible designates it as giving and receiving or sowing and reaping.

We all know people who constantly lament, “Why do bad things always happen to me? I just can’t catch a break…” Failure thinking will manifest lack and limitation.

And so, it is: Affirmations

Pay particular attention to the chapter on affirmations. Shakti defines affirm as to make firm. She contends that affirmations are “one of the most important secrets of creative visualization”.

Doing daily affirmations can change failure thinking to positive thinking. The correct affirmations energize your thought forms. Taking the affirmative approach to life brings better health, solves at home and on-the-job problems and, bottom line, helps manifest miracles into everyday existence.

Affirmations consist of positive thought and are composed ‘as if’ what you affirm already exists on the material plane. Shakti lists correct sample affirmations you can use, such as: “I am now attracting loving, satisfying, happy relationships into my life” and “I love and appreciate myself just as I am”.    

Like ancient esoteric/spiritual teachers, in whose footprints Shakti follows, she encourages incorporating spiritual sources into affirmations. Use the words divine love, Christ within, God. Spirit, Wisdom and so on, to ensure your affirmations are most powerful.

“I do believe, and I have seen in my own life, that creative visualization works.”

- Oprah Winfrey

Part Two is about using the secrets of Creative Visualisation. Making it part of regular life, the secret of Be-Do-Have, as well as making sure you have all the necessary elements. In connecting with your higher self, you learn how to go with the flow in healing, prosperity and happiness in general.

Part three, “Meditations and Affirmations”, involves serious work. Shakti provides a relaxing and self-healing meditation in the section, “Opening the Energy Centers”.

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

Create an inner-sanctuary, a safe space within, to practice creative visualization and more. In “Meeting your Guide”, Shakti offers a guided meditation, where you will invite your inner-guide into your sanctuary. Shakti also explains detailed “Ways to Use Affirmations”.

Shakti puts the cherry on top in part four introducing the special techniques that will give you the polish to achieve. For instance, keep a “Creative Visualization Notebook” to hold your written goals and affirmations, note your progress and successes. You will also learn correct goal setting and how to write correct affirmations.

Part five of Creative Visualization wraps-up the book in the manner we would expect esoteric books to end – with a bright, new beginning. Once you have mastered the secrets of Creative Visualization, you may manifest what you want at will.

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