Serra Tarot Tarot and Magick too

by Merry Gentry
(Toronto, Canada)

Call Serra Tarot

Call Serra Tarot

She reads tarot, only asking for your birth date and before you can say anything more she tells you all about what is coming up. Sometimes she can pinpoint an event down to a few days.

I've been calling her for years. I also chat with her on Kasamba she's on several hosts, and when she's not available by chat her cell phone is almost always on.

I'm enclosing her link because she guarantees free minutes to any new callers!

She's also done a few spells for me dealing with love, and that is going very well. My boyfriend totally cut me off, when Serra got involved it all started to turn around.

Find her on Kasamba and search name: WitchQueen Serra

(tell her Merry sent you)

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