Signs From The Afterlife
Seen Through Our Photographs

We have received signs from the afterlife through a psychic medium and also through my own photos taken at random. Our son Bill died on June 26, 2004, four days before his 29th birthday. About 8 months after Billy crossed over to heaven, we were able to connect with Billy through spirit messenger Vicki Monroe which was amazing in itself.

Guy Dusseault is the verified author of this guest post.

About two months after we had made the connection with our son Billy through Vicki, I began to take photographs at random to see if I could receive any direct signs from the afterlife from Billy. To my surprise we did receive signs from Billy through our photographs. 

The book about our son Billy's signs from the afterlife

We have a book as well as a website which everyone is welcome to visit read our story and view a few pages of an amazing event which began to occur to us about 10 months after Billy crossed over to heaven. We have been able to, and continue to, receive many signs from the afterlife - from Billy and others who have crossed over to heaven.

Billy has given us many signs from the afterlife in photos.

We can photograph a few different ways our loved ones come through in photographs. Orbs, spirit orbs, balls of energy or sparks of light are one of the ways that they come through another is spirit mist or spirit essence, streaking lights, angel light and my favorite are the heart shaped photographs of the moon, street light and of our Christmas tree lights. The heart shaped photos are my favorite because of what the heart shaped represents LOVE. My favorite of all the heart shaped photos that we have taken was one where the heart shaped moon is perfect. 

I mostly use 2 Kodak digital cameras and at times inexpensive disposable cameras in taking the photographs you can see on  (cannot be linked while site is not secured by https)

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Guest post by Guy Dusseault

Guy Dusseault

Guy is the author of  the book - From Our Loved Ones in Heaven -We Are Still With You: An Inspirational and Supportive Guide for Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One and Connecting with Them - Available on Amazon

Our website is for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one - or anyone who wonders what we as parents go through right after the death of a child.

You are all welcome to visit our website, read our story, and view the amazing pages of the type of photographs that we are able to receive.  (cannot be linked while site is not secured by https)

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