The Early Signs You May Be Psychic And How To Handle Them

Even though I showed the early signs you may be psychic as a child, the message I received was “it’s not okay to be how you are”. I would hear "You're so sensitive!" all the time growing up, and it was always said in a negative way.

Diane Keys is the verified author of this guest post.

Well-meaning parents will often tell their sensitive child to "toughen up" for fear they will not have the skills to survive in an often-harsh world. They can perceive their child as moody, easy to injure, introverted, shy, or even mysterious. Feeling misunderstood by parents and others, can lead to depression and emotional problems.

But what if your ‘sensitivity’ is just another word for untapped, unrecognized, and misunderstand psychic gifts and abilities? 

Early Signs Of Psychic Abilities

Some of the early signs you may be psychic are:

  • Daydreaming
  • Having imaginary friends
  • Strong connection with nature and animals
  • Highly sensitive to other people's feelings, often 'knowing' how they are feeling without being told
  • Seeing shadow figures or flashes of light
  • Difficulty being around large groups of people
  • Knowing things are going to happen before they happen
  • Having dreams that come true
  • Hearing sounds that no one else hears
  • Being quiet
  • Being overly emotional or moody
  • Being easily influenced by your surroundings
  • Attraction to anything to do with the spiritual world (stones, astrology, psychics, angels, etc.)

This list of early signs of psychic abilities is in no way complete. Psychic ability is like singing; everyone can sing, but some people are born with more natural ability than others. With enough hard work and determination, anyone can develop their gifts. In my many years of practice, I have had a lot of people ask me, "How can I open up more to my intuition?" While I feel everyone's journey is unique, these are some tips to develop your intuition:

Always call upon spiritual protection. I always start any spiritual work with a prayer clearly stating my intentions. I ask that my protectors keep me safe and that I only communicate with angels of divine love and light, and those spirits that honor and respect my free will. You can word it however you wish but is important to know that all spirits do not have your best interests at heart.

Practice being receptive. This is a case where less is more. The more we 'try' to be psychic the less likely we will be to succeed. That's because being psychic is about being receptive. Set aside some time every day to devote to building your psychic muscles. Do whatever you can to create a place that is all your own: be in nature, light incense, candles, play soothing music etc. Turn off your cell phone, close your eyes, and calm your mind. You do not have to sit solemnly in meditation--walking can be a meditation! Wait patiently and see if you receive any messages. These messages come to you the same as when you hear that little 'voice' saying, "Did you lock the door?" "Did you turn off the coffee pot?”. If you get nothing, then simply try again the next day. If you are more visual, close your eyes and imagine a television screen out in front of you. Relax and see if any images appear in the blank screen. They may pop up for just seconds, but with practice, you will be able to hold these images longer and longer. Again, if you get nothing right away, just let it go and try again another time. The trick is to not try to MAKE it happen. Let it come to you.

Be around other like-minded people. The more you are around other people who are psychic and/or developing their soul abilities, the more it will trigger yours to awaken. That is because in spiritual circles, you will feel safe to do so. There is often much judgement and hostility that comes from others who might find it frightening or threatening. Be careful who you tell of your interest, particularly in the beginning, so they do not shut you down and ruin your confidence. Being an empath, you will know when someone doesn't approve!

Know that you are already psychic! You just need to remember that you are.

Do You Show Early Signs You May Be Psychic?

Our society has a bias in favor of people who are outgoing, aggressive, and ruthless. We reward people who stop at nothing to get what they want. We seek to emulate people who make their life decisions based on pure hard logic, without letting their emotions get in the way. Perhaps we see them as rising above their human nature, in which emotions and vulnerability are perceived as weakness. Our society values things of the mind and the body, but not those of the spirit.

If we are to believe that society’s standards of what is success are correct, then people who can ‘compete’ at a high level and attain money, power and status, should be among the happiest among us. But this is not always the case. The reason is that just because you are rich and powerful in the world, you are not rich and powerful spiritually. Often it is inverse proportion. It is because a balance has been lost and worldly things have been achieved at the expense of personal and spiritual growth. Certainly, this is not always the case, but very often is. On the other end, historically we associate highly spiritually developed people with living in poverty or modest means. This duality is a result of the splitting from body, mind, and spirit instead of integrating them.

If you can accept you have the early signs you may be psychic and respect who you are, stand in your own truth, you are doing something very powerful in the world. You are reminding people who they truly are without all the artificial trappings. This can be intimidating to others who may not be ready to embrace their spiritual selves.

Many sensitive people feel too different for the world. They feel they don’t fit. The truth is they cannot find it within themselves to conform. They may feel, in exhibiting the early signs you may be psychic, that something is wrong with them for being different but are unable to jump on the socially accepted bandwagon. Someone who feels themselves to be a loner, outcast, weirdo or whatever you have labeled it, is really someone who stands out from the pack. Even if you feel you are behind the pack, on the sidelines, you are still a leader. Whether the pack chooses to follow you is another thing. But standing and holding your light makes you a leader.

Embrace these early signs you may be psychic. Accept and respect them. There is a great quote that addresses the sense of isolation brought on by being different. It is necessary to learn “How to be who you are, when surrounded by what you are not.” See it as a strength. Honor yourself as a brave soul who chose a more difficult life by following the talents of the soul. This may not get the popular vote but is so needed in this world. In your own awakening you are allowing others to as well.

Guest post by Diane Keys

Diane Keys Psychic Services

Diane Keys is a third-generation psychic based out of Elgin, IL. She had shown the early signs you may be psychic as a child and then developed these abilities through life. Diane has now been performing professional readings for over 20 years. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. This means she receives spiritual messages via visual pictures, hearing messages from spirit, and being empathic. She has studied at the Midwest and Berkeley Psychic Institute in California, the Joy Light Center, and is a graduate of the Advanced Clairvoyant Program through the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness.

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