Spirit Guides

by Cantor Lisa R. Levy
(Atlantic Canada)

Where we least expect to hear Them.. .

Where we least expect to hear Them.. .

We all have at least one - more like three to ten, but for now we will collectively know them as: our Spirit Guides. I feel they are as essential to our human life as breathing. I owe my life to them over and over again. I have spent my life learning to listen to my Guide and to heed what she says. At very rare and precious Times, I can sense her gentle wonder at my courage and her gentle laughter or even dismay at my humanness and dimness. Regardless of her response to me, the very fact I can feel her at all is a wonderful gift.

She is Genaia. I believe her to have been Tuscan in life, and an ancestress of mine. Our Guides are usually very close within our Soul Circle, Sphere or Group - however you find it easiest to understand. These people are closer and more devoted to us than even our own blood on this earth. The Guides have contracted with you to stay by you, inform and educate you and love you on your journey in this incarnation.

A Spirit Guide is different than a pet spook with handsfull of road signs and directional markers. Or even than your (and my) familiar cat or dog or other fur-baby. That the spirit Guide is the "still, small voice" may sound cliche, but that is precisely how the messages are manifest to me. A tiny thought - a passing truth - the twinge in the gut.

They have tons to tell you!!

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