Sweet Prediction

by Aimee Behan
(Ireland, Co. Dublin)

My first psychic prediction was when I was in my friend's house. Her mom Anne decided to test me to see if was psychic or not so she got a bag of sugar from the press and it had writing on it saying “To Anne, here’s a little present from the girls lol” (Anne worked in a local supermarket and the bag of sugar was from the girls that she worked with) Anne said to me “right if you think your psychic, try to predict what the woman who gave the bag of sugar to her looked like”. So I held the bag and closed my eyes and felt the writing with the tip of my fingers and I could see and feel what the woman was experiencing at the time. I then opened my eyes and explained exactly what she looked like and said that the woman was laughing at the time and Anne said that that was exactly what her expression was and it all ended up being true.

It didn't bother me at first but then I started getting predictions of my friend’s belongings getting lost and other weird things like that. I’m well used to it by now because it keeps happening to me!

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