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Finding Insight within Tarot Card Meanings

How I learned a simple tarot card meaning can change your future ... by Vi Lova

I first became interested into Tarot cards during studies for my BA in Holistic Medicine. My Professor was highly intellectual and a talented healer. But he was also an alchemist, a mystic and an amazing Tarot reader.

From each tarot card he would lift symbolism and archetypes from which he could gain insights for living. He was the first one to announce to the class, including myself, that Tarot readings as well as any other kind of "fortune-telling" is not really about "what happens in the future" as many of us think, but about understanding the tendencies of the present in order to control the future.

That thought struck me. I have never heard such an interpretation before and it opened the doors to a totally different level of perception for me. I was mystified about how reading a tarot card can control my future and I had to know more. Well... I’ll share with you what I have come to understand so far.

I hope you are familiar with the concept of "free will". Simply putting it, we can freely choose at any given moment of our lives what our thoughts would be, what words we would speak, and what actions we would take. Our thoughts, words and actions form a huge Creative Force. Unfortunately, not all of us realize how powerfully it affects our lives or what we call "the future". Each choice leads to a consequence, for which, whether we realize it or not, we assume responsibility. Each consequence has been chosen by us willingly or unwillingly. When we become conscious of the creative powers we hold within, we become more aware of our choices, so to speak, our thoughts, our words and our actions. That is why there is no "one ultimate outcome", but there are hundreds, thousands, millions outcomes available to us in our beautiful future depending on the choices we make in our everlasting present.

Tarot Card Meanings

It is much easier to operate when one knows the prognosis. Formulating a tarot card meaning from the tarot card’s symbolism is one of the most beautiful tools I have come across to give you a prognosis that shows you the way to modify your future. When I bought my first Tarot deck, it was an intimate experience, for I fell in love with the cards. This amazing romance has been going on for quite some time.

Tarot cards are my passion; formulating a daily tarot card spread becomes part of my everyday lifestyle. Try starting every day by shuffling your tarot deck, becoming still, going within and asking for your day's lesson - then draw the tarot card. Look and reflect for a moment. 90 percent of the time gazing into a tarot card will give you insights for living, or a lesson becomes clear. But, I'll be honest with you, sometimes the meaning of the tarot card may leave you puzzled. And it’s never because tarot card meaning is "wrong” it will be just because the level of your awareness will not allow you to see at that moment what the message is. If you stay focused and go through the day remembering the tarot card, you find the lesson in the tarot card meaning eventually. If you forget about the tarot card, you might be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised, but you will always ultimately express your gratitude for the lesson, insight or the warning.

For myself I use 1 card, 3 card, or 10 card spreads. I take a single tarot card for the day's lesson or to answer a simple question that might need some clarification like "What would be the best approach in this situation - to wait or to act?" If I need to see the development of an event and to get a more general overview - I reveal my tarot insight from a 3 card spread. And when I am faced with a bigger issue or a dilemma that needs greater detail, I use the traditional Celtic Cross spread.

You can often just use one card to understand the meaning and sometimes, if the story is more complicated, find insights for living from a spread that you like.

The meaning you reveal in every tarot card is special. Every tarot card meaning is a gift. You too can learn to love their subtleness, strength, openness and mystery with practice. When you search for it you will find magic revealed in your tarot card meanings.

Vi Lova's Tarot Card Meaning

Vi Lova comes from a family of healers and psychics. Her grandmother was the WiseWoman of a small Ukrainian town who helped lots of people and saved many lives through WW2. And with the inspiration of her mother being a natural dream interpreter, Vi Lova chose a the path of a healer and spiritual advisor from the very beginning.

Holding a BA in Holistic Arts, being a certified homeopath and herbologist, a parapsychologist, Reiki Master and Tarot Adept, Vi Lova is a well rounded and grounded psychic advisor.

Vi Lova’s psychic tarot insights began to flow while studying the Tarot and Kabbalah with the alchemist Professor Richard Farr. This is when Vi Lova’s passion for the tarot as a tool for understanding the tendencies of the present to control the future took hold.

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