Easy Tarot Meaning Keywords
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Sometimes you just need some easy tarot meaning keywords to get the gist of what your card spreads can mean. A single catchword for each card can make your Tarot deck an easy to use oracle for self-divinatory purposes. I created this unique list of single tarot meaning keywords to assist you while you learn. 

Perhaps the best thing is to make your own list of keywords, in cheat sheets that resonate with you, but that can take a considerable amount of time and effort to complete. And in the copious amount of “How To Read Tarot” books on the market, you will find many contradictions on the key meanings of each tarot card.

Free Tarot Meaning Keywords Downloadable inside Psychic Circle.

I’ve been a professional clairvoyant and intuition coach for many years, and I like to use Tarot Cards at times. I’ve always taught my students to dump the books of meanings, and to relax their minds into a state of psychic resonance. Then, when gazing at the cards, to allow themselves to follow the images and meanings that simply jump into their attention. This is called Tarot-Voyance (or as I’ve branded it, TarotVision™). 

So I compiled this Tarot meaning keywords in five cheat sheets to help you get started. It’s just like having a set of training wheels on a child’s bicycle. Once the fear of falling has gone and the sense of balance takes over, those training wheels can be discarded for good.

My Easy Tarot Meaning Keywords

Tarot Meaning Keywords for the Major Arcana

Here is my Tarot keyword cheat sheet for the Major Arcana:

0 - The Fool - Begin

1 - The Magician - Opportunity

2 - The High Priestess - Intuition

3 - The Empress - Abundant

4 - The Emperor - Authority

5 - The Hierophant - Teacher

6 - The Lovers - Harmony

7 - The Chariot - Momentum

8 - Strength - Strength

9 - The Hermit - Solitude

10 - Wheel of Fortune - Luck

11 - Justice - Balance

12 - The Hanged Man - Sticky

13 - Death - End

14 - Temperance - Integration

15 - The Devil - Constraint

16 - The Tower - Chaos

17 - The Star - Renewal

18 - The Moon - Suspicious

19 - The Sun - Revelation

20 - Judgement - Assessment

21 - The World - Completion

Tarot Meaning Keywords for Minor Arcana Pentacles

Here is my Tarot keyword cheat sheet for the Minor Arcana Pentacles (Also known as: Disks, Coins, Rings, Diamonds)

Pentacles = Materialism

Ace of Pentacles - Invest

Two of Pentacles - Balance

Three of Pentacles - Ability

Four of Pentacles - Secure

Five of Pentacles - Insecure

Six of Pentacles - Gratitude

Seven of Pentacles - Evaluate

Eight of Pentacles - Diligence

Nine of Pentacles - Accomplishment

Ten of Pentacles - Stability

Page of Pentacles - Focus

Knight of Pentacles - Potent

Queen of Pentacles - Protective

King of Pentacles - Resourceful

Tarot Meaning Keywords for Minor Arcana Swords

Here is my Tarot keyword cheat sheet for the Minor Arcana Swords (Also Known As: Blades, Athames, Spades)

Swords = Intellectualism

Ace of Swords - Breakthrough

Two of Swords - Standstill

Three of Swords - Sacrifice

Four of Swords - Reprieve

Five of Swords - Pointless

Six of Swords - Transition

Seven of Swords - Deception

Eight of Swords - Restriction

Nine of Swords - Anxiety

Ten of Swords - Nadir

Page of Swords - Truthfulness

Knight of Swords - Idealistic

Queen of Swords - Independent

King of Swords - Masterful

Tarot Meaning Keywords for Minor Arcana Cups

Here is my Tarot keyword cheat sheet for the Minor Arcana Cups (Also known as: Chalices, Goblets, Hearts)

Cups = Emotionalism

Ace of Cups - Conception

Two of Cups - Connection

Three of Cups - Celebration

Four of Cups - Apathy

Five of Cups - Disappointment

Six of Cups - Nostalgia

Seven of Cups - Imagination

Eight of Cups - Withdrawal

Nine of Cups - Satisfaction

Ten of Cups - Blessings

Page of Cups - Trustworthy

Knight of Cups - Spontaneous

Queen of Cups - Empathy

King of Cups - Assurance

Tarot Meaning Keywords for Minor Arcana Wands

Here is my Tarot keyword cheat sheet for the Minor Arcana Wands (Also Known As: Rods, Staffs/Staves, Clubs)

Wands = Dynamism

Ace of Wands - Initiate

Two of Wands - Independence

Three of Wands - Optimism

Four of Wands - Achievement

Five of Wands - Compromise

Six of Wands - Recognition

Seven of Wands - Perseverance

Eight of Wands - Velocity

Nine of Wands - Competence

Ten of Wands - Burdened

Page of Wands - Enthusiasm

Knight of Wands - Adventurous

Queen of Wands - Influential

King of Wands - Authentic

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