The Flashlight

by Judy
(Whitestone, NY - USA)

I have always been good at manifesting, and my children know it.

I had recently moved into a new apartment and my sons were visiting. I had a cat who was very sick and I needed to see if he had deficated under the bed. I took the coverings off the bed and i asked my older son to lift the bed so that I could see under it. He said, " Don't you have a flashlight?" and I answered that I did not.

He lifted the bed and I could see that all was clear - the cat had not defecated under the bed. We put the bed back together, made the bed, and we all went out.

Later, when we returned, a flashlight was sitting on the bed above the place that we had looked.

My younger son said, "Mom, Whoa Mom! Please tell me you put that there!" I said that I did not. My older son commented," This is a used flashlight! Can't you ever create something new?!"

I explained that I had not created it (for the umpteenth time!- kids just don't listen, do they?) but that the Universe had brought it because I needed it.

It was a mechanic's flashlight - very good. I'm sorry for the poor mechanic who lost it. The Universe decided that I needed it more, I guess. It never disappeared again later, as some things do. I had it until it rusted apart.

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Sep 07, 2007
The Universe Knows What We Need
by: ZorbaZiv

Another great story Judy. When we are tuned in the Universe knows what we need. Magic Happens!

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