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UsingTarot to Kick-Start Intuition

by Moana Honu Psychic

Big Island of Hawaii

Big Island of Hawaii

For most of my life I had the unsettling habit of just 'knowing' something without really having any logical way of getting the information. In my teens I would often blurt things out without realizing it, which tended to freak people out. It was many years later when I learned that those incidents of 'sudden knowing' were what are called claircognizance. I would suddenly know my friend's new boyfriend was married, or my boss was embezzling, for example, while just having a normal conversation about something else.

In my 20s a friend reintroduced me to tarot cards (I'd first gotten some at 11) as a way to sort of call up my intuition and get it working when I wanted it to, instead of at random. After a few weeks of studying the basic meanings of the cards, I stopped using the standards, because the images started 'jumping' at me with whatever was important. Soon I would just 'know' what I was supposed to get from the cards when I was doing a reading. I still don't always know what the information means, but usually when I tell my client they know, and that is all that matters. Sometimes when I get information for myself, it doesn't become clear why I received the information until months or even years later, but inevitably, the information is always for my highest good.

I've now been doing readings for about 25 years, and I have two psychic children. Sometimes they know funny things like 'Dad bought M & M's today at the store, didn't he?' before I even can tell them we went shopping. Things are never dull, but it makes it difficult to buy gifts.

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