Wanting To Help

by Cary "Jonas" King

I have a genetic gift that has been passed down for a few generations of Caul born relatives that had the ability to see the past. It is much more a medium gift, as when I read I see relatives that are near the person. I see all their characteristics. I describe them. Usually I see them before I start to read.

The first thing is I try to give a confirmation that only the person and the passed soul would know. Sometimes I give a direct name or initial. Once I see the client becomes aware of this. I seek out other information.It could be a happy experience or grieving loss. Usually I'm shown something of importance the loved one must convey. I see parts of the life experience between the two.Sometimes it's a very sweet loving message. It can be concerns that higher being have for the client. Many times their questions are answered. Sometimes what they seek is something that cannot be revealed at the time. But they Show me usually what is of most concern. I see the interactions of the client and the spirit during life. Things only both of them would know.

I don't use tarot, ruins, Ouija, or any props. I prefer the client in front of me. I hold their hands and open the door. This works best for me. If not a photo I can use. Most often it's to give a very important message.

I don't claim psychic or psychic medium. If the past is important. The spirit will reveal it. As with the future. I only fortune tell, if the passed love one wants me to tell the client of something coming.

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