Weaving the Psychic Threads

by Tomas Paschal
(Evansville, Indiana, USA)

Experienced Seer

Experienced Seer

Bright Blessings, Peace, and Good,

My name is Tomas Paschal. I've been a seer since 1983 after completing an intense, daily, yogic program that lasted a whole year. I developed it after learning a few reliable secrets of Kundalini yoga. Several members of my family were astrologers and practicing Native American mystics since the turn of the 20th century to be certain, and probably before. I have been working with several psychic lines, among them, Psychic Source over the years.

I have practiced seeing and hearing "threads" of the past, present, and future for 20 years, training it to respond at will under certain conditions that I learned to induce in myself. Having always been somewhat religious by nature, I gained the ability to distinguish different phenomena and species of "spirits". Concentrated study helped to cultivate my abilities safely. I have written a book to help others who are not afraid to investigate their own abilities. I am giving this away for free (I received the knowledge freely and the exertion was worth it). The Human Race is psychic and mystic by nature. It is our particular heritage, and this will grow as quickly as technology did in the last 100 years.

My professional service is dedicated to providing my callers with guidance that they can use. I am always honest, and strive to make sure that what I see and hear is correct. There is a collect of souls and intelligences who observe what I observe and comment when I am unclear of what I am seeing. Before I begin, I always enter a state of semi-trance and maintain it for a period of 3-4 hours or so. My mission is less to make a living and more to act as personal preceptor for those asking questions about life, love, work, money, and the deceased.Honesty and integrity are important to me. My mission is to serve you and not let you be turned wrong in your way.

Thank you, and God Bless,


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