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Weird Psychic Experience

by Mel

Weird Psychic Experiences

Weird Psychic Experiences

Okay I have always felt different from everyone since I was a small child.. I can remember meditating as a child and asking God why am I here? What is my purpose? I cant explain it but it was an amazing feeling. I didn't get a direct answer but I knew god had a purpose for me. I haven't been able to reach that state of meditation in years tho. But here is my strange story..

A little over a month ago I was at a party drinking.. I had to much to drink but I could act straight around people. I kept feeling lost like I didn't belong with these people. Then I did some really stupid and embarrassing stuff I'm not going to mention cause its irrelevant.. Lol. But I honestly felt like there were demons influencing me. Because it was really dumb shit I would never do! And I know people get drunk and do stupid things but this was different..

Anyhow, after all that, I was sitting on my porch with my sister n law. And I told her I really thought I was psychic but only when I was drunk, (If that makes sense to anyone). So I remember telling spirits or something to show me what was going to happen in the next week so I could prove to her that I was.. I'm not going to go into everything I saw cause I will be here all night, I went way over a week though, like a month and a half, and I remember saying to myself stop! like I was doing something wrong.

But I told her all these things that were going to happen and I even told her to record it on her phone but not to ever let me listen to it cause I would kill myself. And I told her I wouldn't remember it until after something happened then it would jog my memory.

And I'm really scared that one of the things I told her was that I was going to die soon. I don't know how or when though. So here I am now freaking out a little bit and paranoid.. I know this story sounds insane. But I really don't think I'm crazy!

Can someone please help me?!

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Nov 20, 2012
I agree
by: Mel

Yes I do believe I did open myself to something dark.. But things are good now.. I haven't had anymore experiences like this.. God is with me :)

Nov 12, 2012
You Made The Mistake Of Opening To Darkness
by: knowhow999

Never, ever, ever, ever open yourself up to spirit when you are under the influence of drugs. You are asking for deep trouble---possessions can occur under those types of experiences.

The impressions given you are from lower entities. They were given access to your mind and they have attempted to hurt you through the process. Cleanse yourself of their energy by prayer, smudging with sacred sage, holy water etc. Ask you guardian angels to protect you from their influence and send them to the light.

Do not trust what they have told you about your own death. They want to frighten you and have done a good job of doing so. Remember what happened to you and never attempt this kind of contact again. You opened yourself up to lower entities. You can open yourself to loving, light-filled spirits. Do that through prayer and acting in a loving way.

Sometimes it takes a frightening experience to open us up to the loving ones.

Oct 07, 2012
by: Arpian

I heard "demons and angels" and other stuff like that appears only when (as you said) you are drunk or are high. Moreover, you mentioned praying to the Lord, so, I believe, to much religion in your life.
As for the dieing thing - forget about it, because there's a thing called visualization - whatever you think of - you attract, no matter how you think - to happen or not to happen - just do not think about death, that's it. Enjoy your life.

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Weird Experiences

by Anabelle N
(NSW, Australia)

This experience changed my life about my view of ghosts and psychics. What I am telling you has happened over roughly 1 year and this is only part 1. I am 13, so this experience may not be complete from what I know.

It started with my Mum when she introduced me to the pendulum in September, 2010. She used her necklace as the pendulum to find out if she would get a money bonus at work and the pendulum (which I will refer to as 'it') answered yes. A week later, she heard from her boss that she got a bonus. Once she realised it was right, she taught it to me.

It worked for me as well. So at school the next day, I told my friend, Erin, and she tried it with her necklace. She asked if the recess bell would ring in 5 minutes, and it said yes. We knew it was right because I was wearing a watch.

We practised with it every lunch time until the end of the school year. Then during my 7 day holiday down the coast, I was lying on my stomach playing a game on my iPod Touch on my bed in the hotel and out of the corner of my eye I saw a young girl wearing a sepia bed dress and with brown-ish coloured hair. She looked like someone from the Australian gold rush in the 1800's. I said to her, "Can you get me a glass of water?” mistaking her as my sister. When I looked directly at her, she was gone.

I told Erin and she said she had a dream about a little girl looking exactly like the one I described. The girl was running around her house saying, "Catch me if you can!", and then Erin woke up.


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Weird Paranormal Happenings

by Bernadtte

I have always had weird happenings since a little girl; my sisters and brother have the same issues. We all have different abilities, but lately I have been dreaming of talking to people who have past, I have strange feelings like someone's here, and I can smell scents, alcohol, and cigars.

All of that I have dealt with before, but now I am hearing sounds like a little girl humming. My cousin was with me and she verified the noises and we inspected the area and there was no logical reason for the sounds and what makes it worse is it had to be pretty loud because I only have 4% hearing in my ear.

I just need some answers or help; I’ve always been drawn to the paranormal...

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My Psychic Phenomena Experiences

by Charlie

Here are some of my own psychic phenomena experiences. I had this one street light that I would drive under daily and EVERY time I drove under it, it would turn on or off. I recently discovered I can pick out the suit of the top card in a freshly shuffled deck.

These bodies we're in don't exactly feel right for our consciousness either; to me it feels like we're an extension of something greater which uses life for expression. Maybe that's what god is or something?

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