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What Does It Feel Like To Be Psychic?

by Leigh

There are many signs that are given to you when you are in a state of psychic connection. Racing energy, pins and needles, a gentle hand on your shoulder, the feeling of drifting gently outside of your body. Sensations vary just as the types of experiences varies.

As a child, I would "feel" the energy of objects that I touched. If I were holding certain antiques I could "see" their previous owners. I felt comforted and in touch with them. As I grew older, I would have "run-ins" with spirits of the deceased. At times, these occurrences scared me.

As an adult, I lived in a home that was haunted. I was not spiritually prepared for the experience at the time and it was a very frightening time in my life. As years passed, my connection with Source has opened freely. Due to this connection, my understanding of the experiences has grown.

I believe all people have psychic ability. We have Source intricately woven into our very design. I encourage all to strengthen this connection and wisdom will flow.

I receive messages in many ways, sometimes gently and sometimes very rapidly. I center my interactions around my connections with Source. If something does not "feel" right, then I rebuke it.

I know that there are many people who are into dark arts, and I suppose that is a matter of definition. However, true connection with Source energy results in progression, positive frequencies, authentic insights and an appreciation of the free will that each of us were given.

I encourage everyone to seek the great Creator and through that connection wisdom and insight will be received.

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