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What Is A Psychic Medium, What Is The Guidance, And Can I Be One?

What Is A Psychic Medium?

  1. At its core, psychic mediumship is the ability to connect with spirits who have passed away. A psychic medium acts as a conduit between the living and the spirit realm, transmitting messages and information from those who have crossed over. This communication can take many forms, from verbal messages and symbols to emotions and sensations. Mediumship offers a unique perspective on life, death, and the continuity of consciousness.

Psychic mediumship is a captivating field that has intrigued humans for generations. The idea that a living person can communicate with the spirit world evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity. For many, it's a source of comfort and closure, while for others, it's a pathway to spiritual growth and understanding. But what exactly is psychic mediumship, and what are its many facets? Let's look at the various aspects of this fascinating domain and explore how it can be a bridge between the living and the deceased.

What Is A Psychic Medium?

Types Of Psychic Mediumship

Mental Mediumship: This involves receiving messages through thoughts, images, or words. The medium acts as an interpreter, conveying what they perceive from the spirit realm to their clients.

Trance Mediumship: In this form, the medium enters a trance state to allow spirits to communicate more directly. The medium may speak in a different voice or manner, indicating that the spirit is taking over.

Physical Mediumship: This type involves physical manifestations, such as objects moving, lights flickering, or ectoplasmic appearances. It is less common but can be quite dramatic.

Channeling: In channeling, the medium allows a spirit or higher being to speak through them. This can be done in a controlled setting or during a reading.

The Role Of Spirit Guides And Angels

An essential facet of psychic mediumship is the involvement of spirit guides and angels. Spirit guides are often former humans who have crossed over and now assist mediums in their work. They can provide guidance, protection, and insights to the medium and their clients. Angels, on the other hand, are celestial beings believed to be messengers of divine will. They offer support and comfort, ensuring that the medium's work is done with love and respect.

Spirit guides and angels are central to the process of mediumship, providing a connection to the spirit world. They often communicate through symbols, emotions, or other subtle cues. Mediums develop a close relationship with their guides and angels, allowing them to work harmoniously with the spirit realm.

What Is A Whispering Angel?

The Healing Power Of Mediumship

One of the most compelling aspects of psychic mediumship is its potential for healing. Grieving individuals often seek the help of mediums to reconnect with their loved ones and find closure. A message from a departed family member or friend can offer comfort and reassurance, helping people move forward in their grief journey.

Mediumship also plays a role in broader healing. It can help individuals address unresolved issues, gain insights into their life path, and understand the spiritual lessons they are learning. Mediums often work with clients to explore their past, present, and future, providing guidance and support in times of need.

Is A Psychic Medium Real?

Developing Psychic Mediumship Abilities

Many people wonder if psychic mediumship is a gift that only a few possess or if it's an ability that can be developed. While some individuals seem naturally attuned to the spirit realm, mediumship is a skill that can be nurtured and refined. Training in mediumship involves a combination of self-awareness, spiritual development, and practice.

Students of mediumship typically begin by exploring their intuition and learning to quiet their minds. Meditation, visualization, and energy work are common practices that help individuals open their senses to the spirit world. As they progress, they learn to recognize spirit messages and communicate them effectively to others.

Mediumship training often involves working with experienced mentors or teachers who can guide students through the process. The training can be done in person or remotely, with sessions conducted via phone or video chat. This flexibility allows people from all over the world to learn and grow in their psychic abilities.

Psychic And Mediumship Development

Ethical Considerations And Respect

As with any field involving personal and spiritual matters, psychic mediumship requires a strong sense of ethics and respect. Mediums have a responsibility to approach their work with humility, integrity, and empathy. They must ensure that their readings and communications are grounded in truth and not influenced by personal biases or assumptions.

Mediums must also respect the boundaries of their clients and the spirit world. They should never pressure clients into believing or accepting messages that don't resonate with them. The goal of mediumship is to offer healing and support, not to impose beliefs or ideas on others.

The Continuing Journey

Psychic mediumship is a journey that evolves with time and experience. As mediums deepen their connections with the spirit realm, they gain new insights and understanding. This journey is not just about communicating with the dead; it's also about exploring the mysteries of life and the interconnectedness of all beings.

Whether you're curious about connecting with loved ones in the spirit realm, interested in developing your own psychic abilities, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of the afterlife, psychic mediumship offers a unique perspective. It's a path filled with wonder, healing, and the profound sense that life continues beyond the physical plane.

Ultimately, psychic mediumship is about love, connection, and the enduring bonds between the living and the departed. It's a reminder that even in death, we are never truly alone.

Medium Explains The Afterlife

Answering - What Is A Psychic Medium?

Discovering the Truth of Communicating with the Dead - by Brian Sharp

For years, I approached claims of communicating with the dead with skepticism. That all changed when I began studying mediumship under an experienced spirit medium. What I once dismissed as preposterous, I now know to be an undeniable reality - we can make verifiable connections with those who have passed on.
My own evidential mediumship capabilities emerged surprisingly easily. The first spirit to come through was my beloved great-grandmother "Granny." Her familiar presence and uncannily accurate details left me in humble awe of this reconnection over a decade after her passing. Granny continues assisting me, often appearing in readings to comfort clients with her loving guidance.

As a medium, I serve as an interpreter between this world and the next, conveying the symbols, emotions, and vivid imagery that deceased souls impart to me. The specificity astounds me - from assisting families after tragic losses and aiding missing persons cases, to delivering heartwarming messages from beloved pets. Even famous personalities make appearances at times.

The role of spirit guides and angels is integral to mediumship as well. According to Spiritualist teachings, our guides are those who once walked this earth and now aid our spiritual journeys from the other side. They communicate predominantly through symbolic imagery, gut feelings, and profound insights that the medium translates into an understandable narrative.

Our guides' messages often mirror our own emotional experiences, allowing them to impart wisdom tailored specifically for us. They seek to illuminate lessons around boundaries, self-preservation, and our moral compass - revelations that ultimately help us become our most authentic, evolving selves.

While some believe psychic abilities are innate gifts, my experience teaching students worldwide suggests we all have this intuitive potential lying dormant. With openness to feeling and imagination rather than solely logic, anyone can learn to quiet the mind, pay attention to the subtle thoughts and sensations spirit impresses upon us, and develop their natural mediumship abilities.

The process requires patience, as frustrating periods of self-doubt arise. But our spirit guides comprehend and prod us to persevere, knowing the profound impact giving or receiving evidential messages from the afterlife can have on human lives.

Witnessing a client's face light up with healing validation upon describing an intimate memory or mannerism from a deceased loved one - these are the infinitely rewarding moments that make a life's work of serving as a messenger of hope and comfort so purposeful.

Brian Sharp is a teaching medium and psychic based in San Antonio, TX, USA


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