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How To Work As A Psychic Online + 10 Exercises To Practice

To work as a psychic online is especially suitable if you live in remote locations. Professional part time and full time opportunities are always available for truly gifted psychic readers and tarot readers. It doesn't matter if you have the psychic abilities of a seasoned pro or an absolute newbie, I like to guide all good psychics towards the trusted esoteric marketplaces and away from the high-pressure dodgy hotlines that give fake psychics a place to ply their scams. 

First things first, if you want to be a home psychic advisor, you will need to be brutally honest with yourself. Can you say YES to being a truly gifted psychic reader? If you can’t, nor will your clients! Don’t go looking for opportunities to work as a psychic online until you have a solid belief in your own spiritual abilities. Many wannabes try to make money in the psychic advice arena thinking that cold reading techniques or regular counseling skills will get them into this buoyant business. But they don’t last long. Unfortunately, while they crash and burn, these scammers give the rest of us a bad wrap - but that’s life.

So, if you are not yet confident with your psychic reading services I suggest you spend some time with my lessons on developing a strong psychic gift that you can depend on. Then, when you are truly able to provide accurate psychic readings you will be able to come back to check my updates and job ads so you can consider which type of opportunity would suit you in the best way.

How To Work As A Psychic Online

OK, so you are confident with your psychic services, looking for a career change, and you want to know what options are best for you so you can start making a healthy living from home using your spiritual gift. Great, here we go.

One thing to understand is that while everyone talks about this work being a job, it is really about being self employed in your own psychic business. No-one pays set weekly wages - really - no one! In an independent contractor position you will earn a set rate for each minute that you are on a call or a percentage of the rate per minute charged to the client. Set rates usually start at or under $1 per minute and percentage rates can start at or under 30% and can go higher around the 40% mark. (30% of $4 per min means you earn $1.20 per minute)

Psychic self employment is a great way of life. I, for one, have always loved the lifestyle of working as a psychic online. The main reasons are; the freedom it gives me to set my own schedule, and work my own hours so I can make as much money as I need. But when I first started professional psychic reading it was face to face with clients in my own New Age Store.  And when I first joined a phone psychic network it was after only after I had sold up shop and moved to a new location. I was recruited by a good psychic friend already working with the line. 

When you work a remote job as an online psychic there are plenty of options. You can offer online chat, Skype calls, video chat, webcam work and even text and email psychic readings if you don’t like talking on the phone line.

Develop your own specialty. Whatever way of connecting with clients you choose it’s always good to develop a particular niche. Perhaps you are great at dream interpretation, or you excel at psychic medium readings, remote viewing, or fortune telling. Maybe you are better at giving psychic tarot readings? How about doing palm reading online, by getting your clients to email a photocopy of their palms? Can you offer numerology or astrology readings? Using tarot cards to give love readings is always a good idea. Giving regressions into past lives is another theme worth considering if that is your forte. The important thing in this sort of work is that the types of readings you offer are up to you.

Who are my clients?

Some are love-life clients who will want to know about an affair, or how to end a relationship, others want to save a relationship. Often it’s nothing to do with relationships at all. Career advice, how to get better results in business, spiritual guidance, psychic development - you name it people want to ask a psychic consultant like me about it. Psychic predictions and mediumship readings can be provided in so many ways, whatever your talent you can find a way of incorporating it so as to work as a psychic online.

You will need to develop trust and a good reputation. Clients look for insight from real psychics they can trust. You will build trust because being a real psychic you ‘get it right!’ If you are the real deal you develop a regular client base, one that supports you with a great income in the long term. 

First, find a company to work with that will give you a firm financial foundation. You want to join forces with one of the large and well established psychic companies.

Avoid, like the plague, any online psychic jobs advertising premium phone numbers. Premium numbers have been outlawed in most countries, but they do still exist out there in the fringes, even in the United States and United Kingdom. You are in dodgy territory when you see these hotlines being used. You want to check out the reputable companies and the reputable firms all have easy access free-to-call-in numbers.

The dodgy psychic hotlines ONLY have premium numbers. They are very difficult to contact for help, and if you do start working with them they will push you to stretch the calls past certain minimums or they withhold paying you. Don’t waste your time. If you are a good psychic, stick with good psychic sites. A little due-diligence - find their independent contractor agreements on the websites before you apply to become one of their readers. They may put you on a waiting list if they have a full quota of readers. But that’s OK; apply to a few more opportunities until you click in with the right one. With the best psychic reading sites with a large member base, you will be tested and appraised then taken on if all is well. Remember that you will be self-employed so that means you handle your own taxes.

You may also be contracted to work with just the one company. That’s good ethical practice. Although you can set up a second avenue for online readings in your business, under no circumstances EVER bring a client of one company over to another or to yourself. It’s not ethical and most likely not allowed if you read the small print of the contract you will sign.

I keep an updated list of reputable psychic websites with who is hiring now on the the Psychic Job Center page.

10 Steps & Exercises For Preparing To Work As A Psychic Online

You can live remotely if you are a gifted psychic work from home advisor.

Working as an online psychic involves several steps, not only to establish yourself professionally but also to ensure that you're providing a reputable and ethical service. Here are some key steps to get you started:

1. Develop Your Skills: Before anything else, you need to have a strong foundation in whatever psychic practice you specialize in, such as tarot reading, astrology, palm reading, mediumship, or clairvoyance. This often involves years of study and practice. You can take courses, read books, and learn from experienced mentors.

  • Exercise: Practice giving readings to friends or family members. This will help you become more comfortable with your skills and build confidence in your abilities.

2. Decide Your Specialty: There are various types of psychics, each with their unique methods and areas of focus. Some psychics perform readings through tarot cards, while others use crystal balls, palm reading, or purely their intuitive perception. Choose a specialty that aligns with your skills and interests.

  • Exercise: Try different psychic practices (tarot, astrology, palmistry, etc.) and note which one feels the most natural and engaging for you.

3. Create a Business Plan: Like any other profession, to work as a psychic online independently requires a business plan. Identify your target market, decide on your pricing structure, and outline how you'll market your services.

  • Exercise: Write down your mission statement, identify your target market, and set clear goals for your business. This will help guide your decisions as you build your business.

4. Set Up a Website: Having a professional website helps you attract clients and establish your brand. Your website should include your services, pricing, a little about yourself and your psychic background, and how to book a reading.

  • Exercise: Design a professional looking website using website builders like Wix, Squarespace, Solo-Build-It, or WordPress. Make sure your services, pricing, and contact information are clearly stated. 

5. Use Online Platforms: For independent work as a psychic online, there are platforms like Kasamba, Keen, Oranum, and PurpleGarden (listed here). They already have a customer base looking for psychic readings. These platforms can be a good place to start, but they do take a percentage of your earnings.

  • Exercise: Sign up for a psychic network like Keen, Kasamba, Oranum, or PurpleGarden. Create a compelling profile that showcases your skills and specialties. (Their signup pages are listed here)

6. Establish a Code of Ethics: It's crucial to have a clear code of ethics when you're working as a psychic. This may include things like confidentiality, honesty, non-judgment, and respect for free will.

  • Exercise: Write down a clear and concise code of ethics for your practice. It should cover things like honesty, confidentiality, respect for free will, and commitment to non-judgment.

7. Market Your Services: Use online marketing strategies to reach your potential clients. This could include social media marketing, content marketing (like blogging or podcasting), and SEO for your website. (All covered by Solo-Build-It)

  • Exercise: Start a social media account dedicated to your psychic practice. Share posts that educate, inspire, and entertain your audience to build your online presence and attract potential clients.

8. Develop Your Online Presence: When you work as a psychic online, building a solid presence in the digital sphere is crucial. You can do this by being active on social media, offering online workshops or webinars, writing blog posts, and more. This helps potential clients find you and view you as an authority in your field.

  • Exercise: Consistently post relevant and engaging content. You could start a blog about your psychic journey, or create a video series about different psychic practices.

9. Offer Different Modes of Readings: Online readings can be conducted in a variety of ways, including email, video calls, or even through chat platforms. Offering a variety of formats can make your services accessible to a wider range of clients.

  • Exercise: Experiment with various modes of readings – email, chat, phone, video calls – to see what suits you and your clients best.

10. Get Certified (Optional): While there's no official certification for psychics, some organizations offer certifications for various metaphysical practices. These can lend you credibility, but they're not strictly necessary to work as a psychic.

  • Exercise: Research available certifications and consider whether they're right for you. If you choose to pursue one, set a schedule for studying and preparing for any exams or requirements.

Remember to always approach your work as a psychic online with empathy, respect, and honesty. Even if you are operating in a more metaphysical or spiritual field, it's still essential to maintain high ethical standards. And Feel free to adapt thes exercises based on your personal circumstances and preferences.

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