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Your Spiritual Energy Vibration

by Angel Arc
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

The Future of Spiritual Knowledge/Guidance

The Future of Spiritual Knowledge/Guidance

The Future of Spiritual Knowledge/Guidance SEV drawing of AMAZONITE crystal SEV drawing of AMETHYST Angel Arc - SEV (Spiritual Energy Vibration) Channelling Artist

What are SEVs?

Everything in existence contains an SEV (Spiritual Energy Vibration/frequency). All Beings, actions and words contain a SEV and all SEVs have a direct influence on other SEVs in which they interact.

Whilst other phenomena such as colours, sounds/music, electricity contain an EV rather than a SEV, they still have direct influence over our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual spheres of our lives and this is why I draw EVs also. The main difference between SEVs and EVs is that SEVs bring with them a karmic element due to intention from the source which they are birthed.

In the drawings above of EV/SEVs, which are manifested through channelled higher consciousness, it is the Divine's Will to raise awareness in the Beings of this world of this fundamental subject which is little explored.

'I am' the artist however the person with the pen in hand and will take no credit for the drawings. An empty vessel is filled with the wine of the spirit.

The Sun has the strongest EV in our experience, however electricity comes in second and the person who discovered this Energy Vibration was one clever Being - Nikola Tesla

How I Can Help You

As your fingerprint is your individual, physical signature, your SEV is your unique 'Spiritual Energy Vibration' marker.

In a way to make it easy to understand, you could say that I am like an antenna connected to everything. Just as a TV channel has a frequency where if the TV set is tuned in to pick up a specific vibration/frequency, the image in the form of a television program appears on your TV screen. If I can see your photo, I only need your First and Last name to 'print out' a report of your SEV (my drawings are a report of your SEV - not the look of the SEV itself (this is a common misunderstanding). If I cannot see your photo, I will generally ask for your 'First' and 'Last' names and your 'Date Of Birth'.

I desire to help as many Beings as I can with a number of 'Spiritual Energy Services' including:

SEV (Spiritual Energy Vibration) analysis drawings - Angel Arc

SEV blockage analysis and clearing

Cleansing of demonic and other from objects, dwellings, people by way of Intercessory Prayer in Ancient Aramaic Tongues.

SEV drawings down before and after cleansing and analysis given

Ascended Masters Teachings - Akashic Field

Wisdom teachings for burning questions you have about life

Higher Consciousness Channelling Services - direct answers to questions - no numbers based questions please and an answer may not be given if you are not intended to know in the current NOW.

Non-duality teachings including Satsang.

My Three Most Popular Services:

Service 1: One Question Answered (Suggested Donation - $20)

Service 2: Have your 'SEV' (or your loved ones) drawn and explained (Suggested Donation - $30)

Service 3: Receive answers to your 'three' most burning questions and also a 'SEV' drawing & analysis (Suggested Donation - $70)

My desire is to extend the knowledge of all the spheres of life to the people of this world in the desire that all Beings may experience the full gift of the Spirit and dwell within its Holy Presence in every moment of their lives to experience 'Heaven On Earth' - the way life was intended to be.

I look forward to continuing to raise the consciousness of this World with my services as a Light Worker. It is an honour and a privilege to serve you and I look forward to talking with you on my 'Spiritual Energy Services'

Many Blessings,

"Here to Serve"

'Angel Arc'

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