Is The Paranormal Normal? Believe It Or Not - Yes It Is!

Is the paranormal normal?

  • Yes, it is! Most people believe that spiritual abilities are the purview of a few gifted individuals. They are fascinated by mediums that can speak to spirits and bring them messages from the other side. They enjoy watching ghost hunter programs on the television and are entertained by psychics who predict the future, or who help the police find crime victims and perpetrators. They are completely amazed by these and other extraordinary phenomena. Perhaps you are one of these people? So, it may shock you to hear that everyone is psychic. Yes, that’s right. I said everybody, including you!

Dr Lesley Phillips is the verified author of this post.

The truth is that everyone is able to tune into the spirit realm. Being psychic is not a special gift that only a few amazing people can tap into. It’s a birthright that each and every one of us shares. Just as you have a physical body that comprises arms and legs and blood and bones, you also have an energy field that has its own structure and which contains information on your spiritual abilities.

But most people turn their spiritual abilities down. 

Being Naturally Supernatural

A great example of this is clairvoyance. There is an energy center in the brow, called the sixth chakra, which is sometimes referred to as the third eye. It contains information on clairvoyance, which is the ability clearly see spiritual phenomena. Everybody has a sixth chakra and so everyone has this psychic ability. 

Unfortunately many people have closed their clairvoyance down, along with their other spiritual abilities, ignoring the subtle signals received through these senses in favor of physical stimuli. This is due, in part, to our cultural context, where we tend to value the intellect over intuition. 

Is the paranormal normal in children? Most children are spiritually open. I’m sure you have heard about the imaginary friends that some children speak to. The truth is that they are communicating with spirit. However, as the adults around them are not having the similar experiences, they invalidate the child’s experience. The child learns to exhibit behavior that meets with the approval of the parents rather than receive this invalidation.

The good news is that we can retrain ourselves to tune back into our clairvoyance and the many other spiritual gifts that we possess. Meditation is a great way to quiet the signals from the physical world and tune into the subtle signals from the spiritual realm. There are meditation techniques that make it easier for you to do this.

The Paranormal Normal Way To See Things by Dr Lesley PhillipsIs the paranormal normal?

The Midas Tree teaches you how to open your spiritual abilities.

I wrote my novel The Midas Tree to bring these techniques to a wider audience. The Midas Tree is a spiritual adventure story about a boy who enters a magical world inside a tree. He meets many challenges and learns to overcome them by relinquishing his ego. He is helped by mystical guides who teach him how to meditate and use his spiritual abilities to overcome his challenges.

If you always thought that being able to receive messages from the beyond, see ghosts or track missing persons using spiritual senses was in the realm of science fiction. Then think again. If you are a fully fledged member of the human race then you can do this too!

The Paranormal Normal Guest Post by Dr Lesley Phillips

Dr Lesley Phillips

Dr Lesley Phillips is a spiritual teacher, focused on helping people access their personal intuitive guidance. She has offered intuitive readings and energy healing since 1996 and has taught meditation, healing and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley has provided spiritual guidance to thousands through her School of Intuition courses, Unlocking Your Truth radio show and podcast, books, mentoring sessions, workshops, readings and healing. She used to be an environmental microbiologist who searched tropical regions of the planet for natural product medicines. Later she was a business negotiator for life science companies. She created the School of Intuition to bring teachings about intuition to as many people as possible.


Comments About The Paranormal Normal

Amazing and Insightful - by: Jill B 

Is The Paranormal Normal? Yes from me too! I recently had an amazing and very insightful one hour reading with Dr. Lesley, which included ‘an aura reading’ and also a ‘past life reading’. I was really impressed with how precise and relevant all the information that Dr. Lesley conveyed was – including aspects of past lives which are connected to current-life themes I have been experiencing. The session was very confirming, and has provided me with an increased sense of self-awareness. In addition to this, Dr. Lesley pinpointed the origins of a block which I had recently discovered, but had been unable to access on my own. Not only did she describe in detail the core aspects of it, she also did energy healing work within the session, to support clearing of the issue. Thank you Dr. Lesley for your compassionate and loving presence and wisdom.

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