A Dream About Our Dog Dying

I was 14 when one night I woke up crying from a dream about our family dog dying. He was my best friend.

In the dream I saw my dad (whom I hardly ever see) standing with a cream color jacket. I was in my back yard which didn't make any sense at the time when everything started fading into a grey color and things were silent. I started screaming in my dream only I didn't wake up. I looked up in the sky and the clouds rolled in like I don't even know how to describe it.

I looked back to my eye level; I couldn't even breathe when I saw my dog lying in the green grass with the soft wind blowing through his long white fur. I fell to my knees and started bawling. I woke up screaming and crying.

Two days later my dad called and asked if I could stop by from a visit. When I got there he gave me a cream colored jacket. When I saw that jacket I swear my heart stopped beating. I looked down at my phone and called my mom to come get me. A few minutes after I got home my older sister said that our dog had died. She carried his body out to the kitchen and I ran outside. I fell to my knees I couldn't believe my dream was coming true. I sat next to my dog as I watched a friend of the family dig his grave under a tree. I looked up at the sky and as I cried the clouds rolled in like in my dream. It started raining. I listened to the cool wind whistle past the trees then we lowered him into the grave.

I hate people watching me cry I always feel so helpless... Even now I still have dreams that come true even more than that one. The one thing that scared me the most was feeling the presence of my dog and I don't know who, but there was someone else that I do feel around from time to time.

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