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How To Test Psychic Abilities With ESP Cards, The Aura, And Dreaming

You can learn how to test psychic abilities in practical ways to find out if you are blessed with extrasensory perceptions. 

Some people are born with highly developed psychic powers in the areas of clairvoyance, clairaudience and/or clairsentience. Others work to develop their psychic ability. Still others don’t care or don’t want anything to do with the world of metaphysical phenomena. 

You are likely one of those who want to know how to test psychic abilities. So, let’s look at some easy and practical ways find your current level of clairvoyance.

There or no rules, grades or diplomas for successful completion of these exercises. Several are best accomplished with the help of a friend who is interested in the metaphysical arts.

Test Your Psychic Powers

Learn How To Test Psychic Abilities

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Zener's ESP Cards

The first tests using the ESP symbols of these five Zener cards were conducted in the 1930s by Joseph Banks Rhine at Duke University in the USA.

Just as in the computer version below, the original experiments called for subjects to guess the order of the symbols as they were randomly selected. Pure chance is measured as 1 in 5 correct calls.

Known as the Father of Modern Parapsychology Dr J B Rhine, along with his wife Dr L E Rhine coined the term "extrasensory perception" (ESP) to describe the apparent ability of some people to acquire information without the use of the known (five) senses. He also adopted the term "parapsychology" to distinguish his interests from mainstream psychology.

Free Download ESP Cards from inside Psychic Circle Members Page

Using Zener Cards - This deck of 25 cards originated with Karl Zener, Psychologist. Zener, along with his associate J.B. Rhine, parapsychologist, developed five test cards with symbols – 3 wavy lines, a circle, a 5-pointed star, a square and a plus sign -  to administer tests for ESP.

You can order Zener cards online (also known as ESP Cards) or make yourself a personalized deck from white cardstock. To create individual cards, draw each symbol on 5 different pieces of cardstock until you have 25 cards or click here to download a sheet to print your own. 

How To Test Psychic Abilities At Home With ESP Cards And A Friend

You and your friend can take turns testing each other for clairvoyance. 

As the sender 

  • 1) Relax and pick a card from the pack at random.

  • 2) Note the time, date, and the symbol you have picked, in your journal.

  • 3) Hold the card, and while looking at the symbol, imagine projecting that image onto a clear white wall in front of you.

  • 4) With eyes open or closed keep projecting that vision for one full minute.

As the receiver

  • 1) Relax and close your eyes.

  • 2) Imagine a clear white wall in front of you.
  • 3) Imagine one of the five symbols clearly taking form on the white wall.

  • 4) After holding that visualization for one full minute open your eyes and take a note of time, date and the symbol you clairvoyantly received. 

If you are both in the same location, get together and compare notes. If you are separated by distance, connect via phone or Skype and compare notes. 

  • Repeat as many times as you wish.
  • Swap sender/receiver roles and repeat exercise.
  • Keep records of number of attempts vs correct clairvoyance testing answers.

Alternative ways on how to test psychic abilities with this method.

Because you are testing for clairvoyance you may like to try some receiving variations to this exercise. Rather than imagining a clear white wall you can try:

  • With eyes open gaze into a crystal ball. Imagine one of the symbols appearing within the sphere.
  • With eyes open hold a blank white card in your hands, imagine a symbol forming on the white card. 
  • With eyes closed, imagine seeing through your third eye, the chakra located front and center of your forehead. While doing so imagine the white wall in the exercise above. 
  • With eyes open, imagine seeing through your third eye.  While doing so gaze into your crystal ball, or hand-held bank card, as in the exercise above.

Keep records of the number of, and types of, attempts vs correct clairvoyance testing answers. Compare notes.

How To Test Psychic Abilities Online

ESP Test Subject

Since the shape is not selected until after you have made your choice, this is a psychic test to experiment with your ability to predict future events.

You will be practicing as a receiver just like in the at home with a friend exercise above.

Imagine the symbol appearing on a clear white wall, or gaze into a crystal ball if you have one.  

Click the matching image on this random card generating system with the symbol you see clairvoyantly.

The accuracy of the result increases with the number of guesses that you make. The significance level is determined by a formula that was used with the Zener tests.

  • Less than 1.96 indicates no psychic ability.
  • 1.96 to 2.58 indicates some psychic ability.
  • 2.58 to 3.00 indicates significant psychic ability.
  • Greater than 3.00 indicates very significant psychic ability.

Click on an image.

Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle

Number Guesses:

Number Correct:

Percent Correct:

Psychic Ability Tarot Test Based On The Ganzfeld Experiment

Psychic Ability Tarot Test Based On The Ganzfeld Experiment

The Ganzfeld experiment is a method used to test for telepathy and clairvoyance, the two main forms of extrasensory perception (ESP). The term "Ganzfeld" is German and means "entire field" and refers to the uniform, unpatterned sensory environment created during the experiment.

In a typical Ganzfeld experiment, a participant is placed in a room with a uniform, homogeneous visual and auditory field, created by covering the participant's eyes and wearing headphones that produce a white noise. The participant is then asked to relax and receive stimuli from a sender, who is usually in a separate room and trying to transmit an image or sound to the participant. The participant is then asked to describe what they experienced, and their responses are compared to the stimuli that the sender was attempting to transmit.

Here is a fun variation using Ganzfeld as a guide that you can try with a friend and the major arcana of a tarot deck.

  • Person A is the receiver. 
  • Person B is the sender.

Person A wears a sleep mask to block vision and can use headphones to listen to white noise - or preferably alpha/theta binaural beats to help brain waves sync with the Schumann resonance. Person B can also listen to similar binaural beats. (There are plenty of good aps available these days) Person B then shuffles the major arcana tarot cards and picks one to focus on and mentally project. Person A should not try to guess the card but instead relax and make note of what he/she ‘receives’. After you can share and compare notes. What information in the notes relates to the projected card? Swap roles and try again.

How To Test Psychic Abilities By Seeing Auras

Clairvoyance Test with the Aura

The Aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding a living entity. Each auric color represents the individual’s current mental, spiritual, and emotional state and more.

Have your partner stand in front of a white background. Stare at the center of her forehead. At first, you may just see a white glow surrounding her body. With practice, you may start seeing colored, interwoven rings of light.

If you normally wear glasses, try doing this exercise without them as you do not need detail. You should find it easier as the glass can be a barrier to the auric energy at first. 

Record your progress.

How To Read Your Aura Color Meaning Chart

Aura Color Meaning Chart
Our auras are comprised of seven electromagnetic, entwined rings revealing a full spectrum of colors in light rings around us. And each hue seen by a psychic is subject to interpretation. Learn more > >

How To Test Psychic Abilities In Your Dreams

Clairvoyant Testing with Dreams

Precognitive Dreams are dreams that predict future events. Predictions range from good or bad to death dreams. Death dreams about loved ones are common.

Some people have reported dreaming every detail of their ideal mate as long as 10 years before they connected with each other!

In clairvoyant dreams, the dreamer forms a psychic attachment with global events. For instance, you might have a detailed dream of being carried away by flood waters and wake up to find a disastrous tsunami had hit Japan.

You are the best interpreter of your psychic dreams. Your prophetic dreams are always the easiest to remember. They tend to stick in your mind when waking. The best way to test you’re your ability with psychic dreaming is to keep a dream journal. When you keep notes you will always have your evidence when events unfold later. It will not take many recorded psychic dreams to convince you of your own psi-powers. For advanced psychic dreaming it’s well worth learning about lucid dreaming. 

How To Test Psychic Abilities With ESP Cards In Your Dreams

If you have a set of ESP Cards, you can try this exercise. Before bed, shuffle the cards, pick one and lay it face down on your bedside table. Ask your guides, angels, or higher self to give you a dream indicating the card you have picked. Go to sleep and notice if a particular dream wakes you in the night. What in this dream brings one of the cards to mind? Make a note in your dream diary. In the morning, read your note, turn the card. Don't try to GUESS which card it was, you should just know. For instance, I dreamed of three snakes chasing me. My card was the three squiggly lines. On another attempt with this exercise, I woke from a dream with a shooting star crashing to earth. My card that night was the star.  

Read more - Keep a Dream Journal | Lucid Dreaming Lessons | Free Dream Interpretations

How To Test Psychic Abilities Scientifically

How To Test Psychic Abilities Scientifically

Psychic Research Programs from the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Psychic Research Programs from the Institute of Noetic Sciences
To further their scientific research, IONS often invite individuals like you to participate in their research and experiments. Studies take place in California, around the world, and online. Consider joining  in with these scientific programs on how to test psychic abilities.

A Project To Test Your Psychic Ability

The Lifeleap Institute’s Psychic Project is a unique online psychic development tool using real people and events as "psychic targets."

They start by asking you to focus on the "psychic targets" and answer a series of special questions about these targets. They then reveal to you the actual psychic targets.

You get to compare your results with the actual psychic targets. You also get to see the results of other participants.

Even if you think you have no psychic ability, this tool will offer proof that you do. It's easy to participate and the Psychic Project is free!

Click Here To Test Your Psychic Ability

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