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A Perfect Voice

by Georgia

This happened last year.

A friend (who is no longer my friend) and I were walking around the school, just talking. Not many other people were at the school because it was sport day and everyone had caught buses to their sport already (we did sport at school).

We made our way to outside the art rooms and sat down on the seat. Nobody else was around. We both started laughing at something my friend had said and I turned around (I wasn't facing her now). Don't ask why, we were mucking around.

Then everything went quiet (Even though nobody was around us, it went quiet, I can't explain it). Even my friends laughter became a little distant. I thought it was just me, so ignored it. But then I heard this...voice. It was singing, quite clearly. It was more of a tune really, but I didn't know it. It was a perfect voice and it was so peaceful. I think it was a girl. Nothing I had ever heard before. I stopped laughing to listen.

When it stopped there was a few seconds silence between us and I turned to face my friend. I was just about to say something when she said "What's with the sounds effects?" When we both understood it wasn't either of us we were getting freaked out. We checked the area, nobody was their...

Then my friend went quiet again. After a few seconds she said she had heard it again and described the tune. But I hadn't heard it.

The next week I was home and away from school because I was sick. I went to change the DVD I was watching when I heard it again. Exactly the way my friend had described it.

Well, it was weird. Especially when another friend of mine came back after art class and told me she had heard a perfect voice singing near the room that nobody else had...

We call it the "perfect voice" and we haven't heard it since then.

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Nov 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

It sounds like the voices of the angels. If you have ever heard them sing it is beautiful and clear. All you want to do is be wrapped in the voices. Ask to hear it again. AND thank them.

Sep 23, 2008
Cool... :)
by: Anonymous

What did it sound like? like, high or low ect? and what were they singing? I think that sounds quite strange but very interesting! :)

Do you hear the voice much anymore?

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