Accidental Psychic

by Karina

My name is Karina, I'm 16, and live in Indonesia. I had been discovered as a psychic about 3 years ago by a group of my friends who are also psychics.

It all started from a family problem. Let's just say there was this family friend of mine. This person hates us (me and my family) and cast black magic spells toward us. That person hexed us, brought us bad spirits and demons to give us bad luck and never ending misery. So we decided to get some help. A friend of my mom's introduced us to her friends - a group of young indigo people. They're like in their 20's, so I think that's quite young. And now they've become my friends.

So during the cleaning process (of hex and other horror things), I got my eyes opened to psychic abilities. I saw the spirits slightly at the first time, without myself knowing it. I thought that was just a delusion. But suddenly it got stronger, day by day. I still remember the whole progress - first I could see the spirits, next I could hear their voice, then I could communicate with them. My new friends sensed it, and they taught me a little bit about Astral Projection and how to protect yourself from bad things (in this case I got some weapon, you can say. I have a sword and archery bow. I got it from nowhere, it came to me and stuck on my body), they taught me how to use my weapons. You cannot see my weapons unless you have an 'extra sight'

It turns out I could also heal people, if I concentrated much. So far I can heal headaches, stomachaches, and fever. But I barely heal myself haha. I do astral traveling often. The farthest destination I've been to is Mecca, in Arabia. I live in Indonesia, South East Asia.

What a surprise, because at the same time I just found out that my Dad is actually a psychic too, and he never told me about this. He has the exact abilities like me. But I think my Mom knew this before. So everyone (me, my brother and sister) was shocked haha. It was good news actually, because we needed someone who can protect the family and the house from black magic. We never know what's going to happened in our life right? So we needed to prepare for the attacks.

My Dad possessed by a tiger spirit once. And he acted like a tiger, he growls and walked like a tiger. He crawls. He has a tiger as his token like in a long time. And suddenly I also have this tiger as a token.

Bottom line is, now we use this ability to protect my family from bad things, me and my Dad. We usually work together. So I could transfer him energies if he runs out his, and so does he, we exchange our energy.

It's all by accident, if my family didn't experience the black magic tragedy 3 years ago (haha) then I would never found out my abilities.

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Dec 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

Your predictions are what difines probability as "the quality or fact of being probable." It will happen anyway. Win a US lottery then blog me.

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