Adam the Healer

Adam the Healer is a Canadian guy who has reached the realm of famous psychics even though he makes no claims of psychic ability.

Also known as Adam the Dreamhealer, his energy healing journey miraculous in appearance is opening a new path through the world of the paranormal for many people around the world. 

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" - Hippocrates, 460 to 357BC

Unfortunately this movie, in 5 parts, has been removed from YouTube. If you find it anywhere else please put link in the comments section at the foot of page. Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 are at the bottom of this page.

As you will see in watching the primetime documentary, for the believer and hopeful there are plenty of examples of his success. And yes, I know, for skeptics no proof will be enough. I've no need or desire to persuade skeptics, I’m happy for them to remain in limbo till they find their own way to the inevitable conclusion.

If you have found the documentary of Adam the Dreamhealer interesting and you’re looking for ways to build your own healing powers I’d like to encourage you on and point out a few tips I know will help.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is Adam the Healer’s friend and science mentor. Adam sees the healing that he does being explained within the realm of quantum physics and quantum holograms. We each can develop skills to direct energy in re-establishing health, as we seek to achieve a higher level of consciousness. The academic theories of quantum physics come to life with the accounts of Adam's direct experience of the interconnectedness we all share. Adam uses energy healing in a unique way to merge auras with healing intentions and then uses holographic views to energetically affect through intention those he works with

In his books and seminars Adam encourages you towards your own healing with the aid of visualizations. Visualization for creating desired outcomes was made popular by Shakti Gawain thirty years ago with her book creative visualization. Adam the Healer knows only too well that YOU are the key to your own healing visualization abilities.

dream healing

Many people practice visualization in one form or another. Affirmations (or as I like to call them – Verbal Remedies) help you visualize outcomes in a successful way IF the affirmations are worded correctly. Subconsciously, you have to visualize what the word means to understand a word. So if your Verbal Remedies are worded well you subconsciously visualize well and you get good results. If your affirmations are not worded well, (for instance the words are about what you don’t want), you won’t get good results. More specifically you achieve what you don’t want - pretty simple really.

Unfortunately a very large percentage of people scripting affirmations, writing about affirmations and even teaching creative visualization processes of one sort or another miss the importance of being very particular about how they word their affirmation. My advice is to watch a movie called The Secret over and over until ‘you get it!’

Better still, The Cure, because this movie does for health what THE SECRET did for wealth. One of the most recent and best guides to the power and techniques behind Adam the dreamhealer’s success can be found in this documentary.

How does Adam the Healer do it? I think he has a lot more understanding than the average person, and a heap more subconscious knowledge deep within.

Love Heals

The biggest single factor in the power of Adam the Healer is belief. Belief is simple but not easy to acquire. This leads me back to the primetime documentary on Adam the Healer. What happened to him to form that deep belief? Even though he says he doesn't exactly understand the whole process himself, he has the magic element - belief. He doesn't need to know, he just does it.

As explained by him in the documentary, when he was about 15, he had a lucid dream about an island and a black bird. He knew he had to find that Blackbird and his parents had enough belief in him to take him to find the island of his lucid dream.

And there it was, the bird from the dream, and in an area he was already familiar with from that dream. (You can see him mention it on part 5 of the Primetime Dreamhealer video above) He says when he saw that bird it locked eyes and imparted scientific knowledge to him about the universe. In his own words, Adam the Healer says, “every single cell in my body now knew that what I was experiencing was real”.

Hey presto instant belief! Now that may sound far fetched, but not for me.

I had a very similar experience myself years ago in London England. One night I had slipped into a lucid dream and found myself lying in bed, unable to move, as if completely paralyzed. In front of me and by the side of my bed stood, what may have been, an angel. Larger than life, possibly ten feet tall she commenced a dialogue with me that went on and on for what seemed ages. I couldn’t understand a word of it, it was a very strange language indeed. Yet I knew on some level I did understand. It was a paradox but I still can’t explain the knowingness I felt. At the end she said she was now going to breathe it all into me and I felt my lungs pumped forcefully to full capacity. She then flipped me over in my bed and was gone. I was psychically flipped in an instant from lying on my back to lying face down.

I woke to full consciousness totally aware of the whole experience and tried to turn myself over as I had just been turned, to no avail. But the belief was there in an instant - an instant knowingness, just as Adam the dreamhealer had his.


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