Adult Indigo Seer

by Elisha

There has been so much hype about 2012 and people claiming to "know" when the end will be. But through my research, especially in the bible, the book of revelation, it clearly states that Nobody, not even the Angels of heaven, but only God himself knows when the end will be. To me this means that We as his children are the ones to convince him that we are worthy to live on this beautiful earth. It’s not going to be an easy journey; many of us will fall, to sin, death, and or purgatory. If you are all familiar to the illustrations of Nostradamus, he clearly predicts this time and age, and the very last water color page of his "lost book" shows the wheel of time is empty as is the last blank page that Jesus holds in his hand. This tells me that if enough of us see and believe that we are heading down a path of destruction if we continue to go down this path, we will end up at a dead end. If too many of us fall to sin and hateful ways, which is a sin, then our paths will be dreadful with no other way to "turn back"! The Hopi elder Indians have seen this same path that humans must follow to greater good but not all humans will see this other path. Some choose not to believe and will continue to the "path of destruction” These are the ones who do not believe in anything, or are followers of the devil and wish for this world to end. It’s a little too late to post the predictions that have been shown to me as many have already come true. I’ve tried to get the message out but back in 911 too many people did not believe and were just too taken back about what just happened.

What I mean is I had a dream of terrorists taking over the USA and too many of our soldiers were sent to war and were killed or pre-occupied with this war, all was left to defend our country was a few warriors, but mostly women and children. I have this very dream posted on this site under "Indigo Seer". Since then I’ve dreamt of what happens after the terrorists have taken over like, all captured were sent to concentration camps and forced to convert to "their ways" or be shot.

The dreams that have come fully true is, the death of bin laden, tornadoes, massive storms, protests, earthquakes, floods, and a few which have yet to come true, I hope they don’t!

One special dream that comforted me was about my own life’s choices. I was a teen again, and searching for a party spot. The dream was about my friends and my choices. Jesus appeared in this one and was the only dream I have ever had of him and since. All he did was appear at our party and look at every one of us just to see who was going to be honest about our lives, and I was honest, then he smiles and disappeared.

I dreamt of the beasts one was a simple man that I bumped into, excused myself, but when he turned he had the head of a bear. When I woke from this dream I instantly searched for the meaning of this dream. The bear is a weapon of evil, from what I found. I’ve dreamt of the lion beast, who walked upright like a man but was pure evil. The most disturbing was the bad wolves, which in my dream was wild dogs who acted like rabid dogs.

The two final dreams were the last of my "future dreams" because I have not had any more memorable dreams since 2010.

The death of Madonna followed by a massive earthquake.

The final one was about an electro-magnetive pulse, which stopped all of the world cars in an instant causing one of the bloodiest days in history.

Last year 2011, led to massive mile long car stoppages and pile ups which almost made me believe that this was that electronic dream, but I don’t know! I hope I got that one a little wrong, but with the sun creating electo-magnetic pulses, which could get worse, and rumours that North Korea or someone, (I do not wish to make accusations against anyone!) Having an electro-magnetic Weapon, I don’t think that this unbelievable dream has occurred yet! Again I hope I’m wrong! If not those who sense something’s wrong, have signs to watch for! If anything there is an ever growing sense of impending doom, and people want answers! But I say it’s up to us! To change, grow, and Respect this world and all its creatures, spiritual, and physical, and hope for a good future!

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Apr 11, 2016
woman and child in the room with red or purple curtain.
by: 381starlightfoot

I am the woman the little girl is Emma my 3year old have you seen us ? I ask because 4months ago I didn't believe in any of this was somewhat spiritual but was certain the bible and actual heaven ,hell,and demons were fables at the most. I was wrong. It would take too long to explain how every time I tried to disprove this demon theory I would prove it more . I did not know what the book of revelation was ,however, thinking my daughter must be autistic or something based on things she described google kept leading me there. I have the lion head man and about 100 other demons in my house on my walls and I see them at day and night .At first, only my daughter saw now me. I mostly take photos and then adjust the exposure and see 100's of them. They haven't hurt us but one is the devil I'm certain because I freeze when I see him with fear and I find him to be beautiful even though he's not and that's more bizarre than words can explain. So why the heck is the devil hanging around little me who is a good person has some bad health habits but bothers no one ever . Why would he be so obsessed with me and Emma it's been 4months . And he brought what appears to be an army of different types of staring demons. Everything I google that I see like yesterday leads me to revelations . I googled crocodile tiger breathes smoke filled with demons . I've never read the bible or revelations but live my life as a kind spiritual person. I saw the crocodile (dragon with lions head apparently) at 10am on my bedroom door that had sunlight shining on it no shadows whatsoever. My concern is and all I want is someone to explain to me how I must be wrong . But all signs point to me being her the woman that brings the apocalypse. You know the sign they say that happens when the stars line up on sept 23,2017 well this is just one of the many things and I mean many coincidences but I was born on Sept 23 and about 10 years ago I got stars put on my foot 3stars 8stars and 1 star. Which was how you say I love you back in the day on a beeper Aka pager before cellphones. Well the random placement of the stars chosen by the artist line up perfectly to the way they line up on my bday next year which is said to be " the sign of the woman " Pardon me but WTF !!! not to mention rev:17 reads like a comic book version of the last 4 years of my life in the desert of LAs Vegas of course place where 777 is the whole point yay jackpot of creepy coincidences. Please tell me to go get medication tell me I'm just crazy or something. Please tell me what to do .

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