The Aerokinesis Techniques For Beginners That Real Airbenders Use

What is Aerokinesis? This is a branch of psychokinesis. More specifically it is the ability of the mind to manipulate and control various things with the involvement of air molecules. There will be a movement of air from high pressure to low pressure and the movement is present until the stabilization.

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Is Airbending possible? Yes, Aerokinesis is used by some people to control the air molecules. They will be able to manipulate or control certain things by fine-tuning their minds. However, it is not possible to create general molecules with your articulation. You can learn my Aerokinesis techniques for beginners, to the more adept, as per your level of understanding and ease with doing Airbending acts.

The air direction is influenced by the temperature. If the air is warm, the energy generation will be high and the movement will be higher than cool air. It will lead to high pressure as well. If the density of air is high, there will be more pressure on the air. When the gases are in restful condition, it is not possible to achieve momentum.

Aerokinesis - Manipulating Air With Your Mind


Learn Aerokinesis

If you are a beginner, you should utilize the outdoor environment to practice Aerokinesis. It is easy to be connected with winds when you practice outside. There are many success stories in this direction. When you are performing the activity in outdoors, you should ensure that the weather conditions should not be too hot or too cold.

To keep your mind in soothing condition, you should wear comfortable garments. It is desirable to maintain a peaceful state of mind so that you can achieve your goal very easily. There will be great results if you spend few minutes in meditation before playing with winds. You can create a hand chakra so that the energy will flow when you are awakened.

When you go outdoors for practice, you should love the environment. Hence, an ideal setup should be chosen so that you can focus on the special technique without any difficulty. There is no short-cut to success. You should have self-confidence so that the art can be practiced in a systematic way on a daily basis without any issues. With regular practice, there will be great improvement.

Real Airbending, Aerokinesis Techniques For Beginners 

There will be great emphasis on pressure, temperature and density of air molecules in performing the Aerokinesis. You should apply your mind to focus on the wind and steps should be taken to connect with the wind. The change in the air can be achieved with the small breeze as well as a large gust of wind.

You should get out and start meditation to soothe your mind. Instead of meditation, you can choose any other comfortable method. You should attain absolute peace to resort the special activity. If you are completed free from the stress, you can consider it as an ideal time.

After feeling the surroundings, you should focus on the wind. You should feel the wind hitting in the direction of your choice. You should visualize yourself with the wind and you should consider yourself as the wind. You can utter that ‘wind is part of my body’ or ‘I am wind’. These utterances should be repeated on a continuous basis.

As you close your eyes, you should visualize the creation of energy. You can create ball energy in your stomach or another organ of your body. You should visualize the release of energy as per your needs and you should be connected with the wind.

You can connect the energy ball with the wind and you can become one with the wind. You can convey your intent with the light and love so that it will reciprocate with love. You should let the spread of energy in the whole atmosphere and you should be attached to the winds.

You can create a rainy weather by visualizing the pulling of winds towards the clouds. A sunny weather can be visualized by pushing the energy to move the clouds.

The energy can be controlled by using your hands. The hand should be stretched and you should face the palm in the direction of action. You should focus the energy to connect with the wind. In this process, you can visualize the blowing or stopping wind. You can make special sound like ‘zzzzzz’ for blowing the wind so that there will be effective feeling.  You can use various kinds of gestures as per your comfort level and required task can be performed without any issues. You might go through shortness of breath or asthma while practicing the Aerokinesis. However, there is no evidence that these issues are the result of the psychokinesis training.

Power Up The Air Speed

If you are in an intense battle, you can power up the air speed. You should get into the stance where you can make maneuvers with the wind. You should be able to visualize the department of the energy bag from your body and you should visualize the attacking the wind and you should be part of this process.

You should become part of the wind and feel that the energy bag is going fast from your body. As you accomplish this task, the air speed will increase. There will be a great improvement in the reaction time, speed and agility with this technique.


The flying technique is very hard. It should come with great practice at a consistent pace. There are many ways to fly. You should follow your own way so that you can achieve it in a very efficient way. You should power-up by implementing the right technique. The energy bag should come from the chakra point and it should come out of your body so that it will push in the right direction of your choice.

How To Use Aerokinesis Indoors

You should hold your hands about 4” away from your face. The hands should be 3” apart from each other. The air should be blown in between your hands. You should use one hand to move the air. The other hand should not feel wind being blown through it. With your chosen hand, you should push the wind with the other hand until you get a feeling on the skin.

Air Jump

With the air jump aerokinesis technique, you will concentrate on the air which surrounds you. You will jump into the air. As you reach the peak of the jump, you should focus that the air molecules should be underneath the foot. The molecules should become hard like stone.

Air Purification

Air purification is a very hard technique with which you will be pulled off very easily. If you can implement the technique in a very efficient way, it is possible to convert the polluted air into clean air. You should stand in a comfortable position with your arms crossed at the waist level. After creating the shield, you should add as much energy as possible. You should feel the shield being filled with pure air. There should be a focus on the edge of the shield so that you can pull the air around you very easily. The air will be released systematically. After finishing the operation, the shield will become one with the air which surrounds you.


You should not treat Aerokinesis as magic. There is the involvement of elements of physics in the manipulation of things. The person performing the act should take utmost attention. There are various techniques to achieve control on the air and its direction. If you are a beginner, you should start with simple techniques so that the most complicated tasks can be performed after attaining useful experience.

Author - Omri Luz

Omri Luz- FlowKinesis

Omri Luz lives in Israel. He is a blogger focused on developing the psychic abilities related to the movement of molecules, cells or organisms without apparent physical cause. 

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