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All This Time and I Never Knew

by Kealey Lynn

I guess the only way to describe why I believe that I am an indigo child was just a whole bunch of events that I thought were coincidences. About a year ago I always defined myself as red and blue because of how my emotions change. Well eventually I got really interested in Buddhism. One of the main lessons I got from it is you never want to much or too little of something you want to find "the middle" I guess is what you call it.

Well... one day I was blogging and I read about the indigo children and I just thought to myself about what happens when red and blue mix and it just all made sense right then and there. There are just a whole bunch of things in my life that I thought were coincidences but the more and more I think about them the more I see how interrelated everything has actually been for me.

When I read about indigo children I also saw that they tend to be more in tune to what is going on around them. I always felt so uncomfortable mentally and I couldn't explain why. I bet a lot of people also feel the same way. It was just me realizing how disharmonious the world really is. How disharmonious I am...

I’m only 14 years old so I still have a lot in my life to figure out. In fact it’s been a lot of a struggle overcoming all these mental blocks. It’s like a war inside my head sometimes and I never know who I’m fighting. God I feel crazy sometimes.

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