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What Is An Indigo Adult? What Does It Mean? What Do They Look Like?

So, what is an indigo adult? 

The process of identifying as an Indigo Adult is very subjective and personal, often relying on self-reflection or spiritual experiences.

Here are 7 of the characteristics often associated with Indigo Adults:

  1. Strong Intuition: Many who identify as Indigo Adults report having a strong sense of intuition, often being able to pick up on things that others might miss.
  2. Empathy: Indigo Adults often feel a deep empathy towards others. They can be highly sensitive to the emotions and needs of those around them.
  3. Non-Conformity: Many who identify as Indigo Adults often feel out of sync with mainstream society. They may resist conventional ways of doing things and often feel a strong desire to effect change in the world.
  4. Sense of Purpose: They often have a strong sense of purpose and a conviction that they are here to accomplish something significant.
  5. High intelligence and creativity: Indigo Adults are often associated with having a high degree of intelligence and creativity.
  6. Psychic Ability: Some individuals who identify as Indigo Adults believe they possess psychic abilities or a heightened spiritual awareness.
  7. Resistance to Authority and System: They are often perceived as rebels, resisting systems and structures they perceive as flawed, and are frequently motivated by a sense of social justice.

If you answered YES to all the traits and characteristics of indigo people you may now wonder what it means and what your life purpose may be.

If adult Indigos are different from the rest of humanity, the next step would be to draw your own conclusions to decipher if you fit the concept of an indigo person. The mystic teachings of many traditions have alluded to the promise of a new humanity. Has human evolution introduced a new type of person with an innate sense of spirituality? I think so.

Indigo souls are old souls but their personality traits manifest different ways of affecting everyday life. Both positive and negative characteristics make up the bigger picture for indigos.

On the plus side is their awareness of the spiritual realms and their psychic abilities, the burning desire for positive change in the world, a profound insight into new ways of being, a knowing of the more subtle dimension of life, and the great hope they bring to leadership positions in corporate and private business.

Traits on the negative side of the concept of indigos is the hard time they have with the emotional pain of mood disorder and deep depression. Their feelings of existential despair can even lead to suicidal feelings.

The good news is that the unusual challenges of indigo mental health can be improved by inner development. When the indigo adult soul puts a lot of importance on their special interests and awareness of other dimensions, they can create a sacred space to develop strong intuition and have the psychic experiences of connecting with spirit guides who assist in making a positive difference for a better world right here on planet earth. 

What Is An Indigo Adult?

In indigo depth of starlit night, An Adult born of spectral light, Not bound by norms, in freedom dwell, A story unique, they've come to tell.

Empathic heart, in wisdom dressed, With intuition as their crest, Within life's ebb and flowing tide, In their own truth, they take stride.

Invisible threads that connect us all, On them, the Indigo hears the call. Guided by dreams, stars, and moon, Dancing to an unheard tune.

Rebels of purpose, truth they seek, Empowering the weary, uplifting the weak. They see the world with eyes anew, Believing in what we can pursue.

They question, disrupt, and transcend, Shaping the future, norms they upend, Their spirit, like their namesake, deep, Awake while others are in sleep.

Indigo Adult, bright and rare, In your journey, take us there. To a world that's kind, fair, and just, In your unique vision, we trust.

FAQs: What Is An Indigo Adult?

What is an indigo adult?

  • "Indigo Adult" is a term that originated in the New Age movement, which is used to refer to people who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The concept is closely linked with the idea of "Indigo Children," a concept developed in the 1970s. Indigo Adults are empathetic, curious, strong-willed, independent thinkers, and are often perceived as being strange or eccentric. They tend to have a clear sense of purpose and a strong desire to make the world a better place. Some people also believe that Indigo Adults have a unique spiritual energy, represented by an indigo aura.

What does it mean to be an Indigo adult?

  • Now that so many 'gen indigo' are in adulthood there is a wide sweeping wave of people searching for spiritual meaning and life purpose. While an indigo traits list can help us identify our tribe, in many cased we still need to know what's next? Because being very intuitive is one of the strongest and most common qualities we often find ourselves working in psychic and energetic healing areas.

What do Indigo adults look like?

  • The psychical characteristics of indigo people are as varied as there are people in the world. In truth we all look like a mix of our earthly parents, just like anyone else. Having a big ego is one overly evident sign of NOT being an indigo. But the search engines show there are some egotistical myths going around the internet saying Indigo adults will all have physical characteristics such as: blue or green eye coloring, blonde or white hair, ageless appearance, and androgynous sexuality. So there is no need to seek out a young looking, blue-eyed blond, bi-sexual if you are trying to find your indigo soul mate.

Your Answers To: What Is An Indigo Adult?

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RE: What Is An Indigo Adult? - by Kaylor (Michigan, USA)

I just found out that I'm an Indigo Adult. I took the "test" on several sites, and answered "YES!" to ALL of the traits of an Indigo. Also, I am an INFJ, Jung personality type, one of the most common for an Indigo.

I've spent my whole life, not knowing "what I want to be when I grow up." I still don't know! It's driven me crazy! I've always felt like I was WAITING for something, but I have no idea WHAT!! I'm just....waiting.

I am Psychic, very intuitive, and I can read people like a book. I can get into their space, and they don’t even know I'm there!

I can also "manifest" things. I can make things happen. I know things are going to happen, before they happen. I've always had the sense, that I could heal people somehow.

My Numerology Life Path is a 7, which is the most Spiritual. I've always known that my life path would lead me to something very Spiritual. I'm still not sure what.

I'm lousy at relationship! I seem to attract men that are nothing but NEEDY, and they SUCK the life force out of me, and drain me. I'm in such a situation now, and hate it. My mother was very cold, and distant, and VERY controlling. That has caused me problems as an adult with anxiety. Now, this person in my life is not controlling, but he IS NEEDY! So, he DOES control me with that. He USES me for a CRUTCH! My life is ALL ABOUT HIM! I have NO LIFE! I feel like I've come FULL CIRCLE and he's the SATANIC REINCARNATION OF MY EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE MOTHER!!! YIKES!! :(

I LIVE for my Quiet time, and my Alone time! It's when I can ground, and center myself, and recharge my batteries. I love to meditate. I feel like there is something in the Universe that will tell me something. I do have a "Spirit Guide," who wishes to be called, "Twilight." She's always there, and I can channel him/her. I don't get any answers though, I feel like I am suppose to figure this out by myself.

SO! I'm an INDIGO ADULT! NOW! What do I do with this? How can I corral all of these talents, and gifts, and weirdness....and create a life for myself? I just want to be happy. No point in wanting to be "NORMAL," that ship has already sailed.....and I wasn't on it!

I want to help people, and my biggest fear is that I will die....."WITH MY SONG STILL IN ME!

I would appreciate any information or advice from any other Indigo Adults. I'd LOVE to make some new INDIGO FRIENDS!!! Are we supposed to be getting together and DOING SOMETHING???? Or are we "waiting to be CALLED????" - Thanks! - Kaylor

Re: What Is An Indigo Adult? (Kaylor's Comment) - by Anonymous

Thank you for posting this Kaylor. Today is the day I've figured out I'm indigo. I feel like I mirror everything wrote. It's indescribable how comforting it is to know there's someone else out there who feels this way!

Re: What Is An Indigo Adult? - by Corky R

I also just found out I'm an Indigo Adult. I've never felt so incredibly free from the unknown, but always feeling I have to save the world. It took 49 f****in years to finally find the answer. I've been so anxious scared lonely etc. I'm very excited to find out whats next, and when I can start what I'm supposed to do. This is soooo crazy, I really thought I was insane, or even that I died and I was in hell. I'm extremely in tune, I love the color indigo, and I'm psychic mostly in my dreams. I would love to be able to find some friends here I can share stories with. I feel comfortable for once in my life. Thank you true God for finally showing me what this is. I truly feel blessed to be a gifted indigo.

RE: What Is An Indigo Adult? - by Gladys Chamberlain (Rouses Point, NY)

"Freedom to be one's SELF" - I knew I was different from my family members from a young age (siblings, parents, aunts, etc). It was very difficult being raised by a non-believer of anything except her religious belief/s.

I must have been one of the indigo children because at the age of three years and ten months old I experienced "Remote Viewing". It was sometime after dark when I woke up to a silent apartment. Fearlessly, I walked bare footed, crushing cockroaches as I went through the kitchen. I opened the locked kitchen door, and walked out into a dark hall and stopped at the top of the stairs. As I looked down, a light shown brightly on four men dressed in identical clothing, with high boots and helmet's on their heads. They were holding a red, white and blue flag that I now know was Iwo-Jimi. I let out a scream and mother came out the open door and led me back into the apartment and into my bed. No, she did not say a word.

That was my first personal experience that I remembered. Around the same time "Atar" showed himself to me - my personal guide. He was a wonderful spirit guide, filled with love and understanding for me. He stayed with me until I was in my 50"s. Do not know what I would have done without him by my side.

So from my first known experience to my many, many experiences throughout my life I never knew I was an Indigo until recently. I found a site called Powerful Intentions and joined. From that site I joined a group called Indigo adults and that is how I discovered "ME".

So happy you found yourself - by: Ms. Starr
So happy for you. I know how you felt growing up. I was lucky because we, the females in our family are also. I am glad you found your way. So many get lost, and are diagnosed with mental illness and are given drugs to stop voices and visions. It really is too bad for them. Happy for you and if you ever need anyone just to listen. We are always here.

Re: What Is An Indigo Adult? - by Jo-Jo (Dorset UK)

I am the happiest little bee around, I laugh and have fun (that's magic in my heart) but my life is....dare I say it Sh.t!...lol...

I came across this site in my search for learning.... read the indigo adult list and ticked all of them.... now I kinda know I fit into some box and maybe my life can finally find direction. I can feel like the most unworthy-ist of the unworthy yet I often feel divinely important. What rattles my cage is others that live in a trance telling me that I do this wrong or that wrong. I can feel that I am the one living my life incorrectly. I think I have off the wall notions and can feel quite embarrassed by what I blog after I have pressed the send button, especially if I write something that's close to my true self.

I often feel that I am the only one that feels this way. I have 2 crystal children, my eldest now an adult herself but was labeled ADHD at an early age. Now I know she was an indigo child her entire life. I have battled and battled authorities at every turn, still in battles now. I am tired of battling, I feel everything from bad thoughts to people talking about me behind my back. Paranoia I often feel. I do believe I know the truth, but it is others that lie creating confusion.

I do need to find a way to put everything in its right context and for me to know that what I feel and think is for real. I seem to always trash my dreams and never seem to be able to achieve them. I'm a social misfit at worst, a truth seeker at best. I suppose I need to find the middle medium.....

I am very sensitive to everything around me and my search always consists of finding info on protecting myself, my family the world and the universe. I believe in lots of things that I feel are for the betterment of our children's children. The future world is what we need to protect. Right now however I need to find the light again to guide my way and I see that this site has some good tips for me to live my life as what I know now is an indigo adult, so that I can pass that light on to my children xxxx.

Indigo Adult? - by Debbie in Florida
I found the indigo information recently and it captured me completely. I recognized myself so vividly. My question is can an indigo, turn away from his/her gifts when younger and still return to them upon realization?

New Age Of Aquarius - by Mike, Sydney Australia

I had been a follower of the new age movement since the 1990's. In early life, and especially in high school, I had a tough time with feelings of helplessness. But I found my indigo warrior spirit and my own light by following signs of synchronicity and coincidence. I have a telepathic connection to the animal kingdom. 

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