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Re: Aloha Astra Reviews - Chiara Ratti - Melbourne Australia
It was the first natal chart reading I had in my life and I am blessed that Dee did it for me. Every information provided unfolded s layer after the other of my life experience. Absolutely amazing! Thanks, Dee, for sharing your passion so precisely!

Re: Aloha Astra Reviews - Raquel Maria - Jersey City USA
Had a reading with Dee and although I have had previous astrological readings before, she is by far the most detailed and knowledgeable reader I have ever come across. She is kind, generous with her time which I really appreciated and would not hesitate to recommend her. The reading was in depth and she was able to give me clarity on moving forward after a long period of stickiness. Highly recommended.

High Praise for Aloha Astro - Rachel Canar - Brookline USA
I am an astrologer myself and when I want advice and clarity, I go to Dunnea. She has helped me in my most significant moments that required major decisions. I couldn't recommend her more.

Review and gratitude to Dunnea Rea -  Nadezhda Gospodinova - Kazanlak Bulgaria
I am so glad that I had the chance to find Dunnea Rea and now, to draw on her experience. A friend of mine told me about her and now I'm very grateful to both. Huge knowledge, responds quickly, she is able to uses different ways to help you find solutions to your questions as rune, and more of that she is kind and caring person. I definitely recommend her.

Aloha Astro Reviews

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Amy Golsong - San Francisco USA
I have sat with Dee for years and value her expertise and insight. Dee's astrological readings are precise and extensive and her Rune readings deeply insightful. Dee's ability to interpret and intuit personal significance in this metaphoric frame (Rune's) is unique. I treasure our work together!

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Svetlana Suvorova - Kaohsiung Taiwan
I was introduced to Dee by a close friend. It was my first session reading my birth chart. I finished in awe with all the information that Dee gave me. I went 3 times through the Skype recording and am very happy with the content provided in details. I have a better understanding of myself and how to deal with the future events. Highly recommended!

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Hannah L - Portland USA
Dee is the astrologer that I return to again and again. I have been working with her for many years and have sent all of my close friends to her, at least the ones that are open to astrology! She should be charging three times as much as she does. Her knowledge base is breathtaking and deep, her readings are accurate and informative, and you can tell that she’s kind of person who keeps working on her own spiritual development throughout her life. She is responsive and creative. She has a good grasp on human relationships and also metaphysical things. I highly recommend that you get a reading.

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - LaTonya Bannister - Culpepper USA
My time with Aloha Astro is never wasted. Our readings are always spot on and she is always honest and kind and extremely pleasant to work with. I stay in touch every six months to see what lies ahead, and her readings have never been wrong.

Aloha Astro Review - Dawn Leahy - Greenfield USA
I randomly came across Dee from a google search and asked her to do a couple's reading for me and WHOA was it polarizing in the best way! I have always been fascinated by astrology and have had my chart read many times throughout my life but never in such a holistic and knowledgeable way. Her descriptions of the signs and houses and how they affect me was much deeper and more detailed than I had experienced with past readings. Every question was answered precisely and with a huge depth/breadth of knowledge. I was so pleased with my couple reading that I bought a reading for myself alone and I was even more impressed. I have never been so accurately read by an astrologer in my life. Through having these 2 chart readings, I’ve had deep understandings (that would taken a lot of sifting and processing to get to) instantaneously that will really progress my life. Not only that - I told her I am studying astrology and she generously threw in a few tips that have really assisted me in my learning. I can not recommend Dee enough - she is an brilliantly gifted astrologer!

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Flavia Rodrigues - Melbourne Australia
I’m so glad for having had the opportunity of listening such a good reading of my natal chart from Dee. Dee was very clear, assertive and showed me important points of life to focus better my attention. Every single word was essential - no waste of time!!! She is fast enough to approach as much as possible of your natal chart within the time and still explain really well what she is saying. Just perfect reading. Experience 100% useful to your life. Thank you for that.

Thought provoking - Zuri Clarke-Jones - Oakland USA
Dunnea Rae is awesome. She’s patient & clear. This was my 2nd reading experience & I have to say my expectations were low. I was expecting a lot of double talk & selling for future readings. Telling me things anyone could from a basic conversation. Dunnea Rae said exactly what she was led to say. She allowed me to get insight on some issues I’ve been dealing with for sometime. I plan on keeping in touch.

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Denzel Stokes - North Plainfield USA
 highly recommend this astrologer to anyone who really wants to take a look at their life from practical standpoint and make the best possible decision. She has a wealth of wisdom that will aid anyone who seeks it out.

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Des Pretorius - Singapore
A friend referred me to Dee and what a pleasant surprise. I have never had numerology done in such a way or worked with Runes. Dee's experience and knowledge shone through. She has the most lovely way about her and gave so gladly of her time. It felt like chatting to an old friend and not like someone watching the clock waiting for your session to finish. Dee is my new 'go-to' person.

Re: Aloha Astra Reviews - Danielle George - Laurelton USA
Always a joy to talk to and full of honesty, kindness, and light. She’s a sweet, worldly, kind, honest, and open minded soul whose readings are accurate. I love reading with Dee. Her voice is so calm and pleasant, she’s always open, honest, and optimistic, and I always feel like I’m talking to family. Her readings also bring me clarity and peace. She’s the best astrologist I know!

Re: My Aloha Reviews - Denise K - Alexandria USA
I had a very thorough reading that answered all of my questions. She is always accurate - my second reading after years. I never feel like I need more readings afterwards. You will not be disappointed.

Re: Aloh Astra Reviews - Sally, Singapore
I found Dee through a friend of mine who recommended her astrology reads and wow! Am I grateful I did. An amazing women with such beautiful energies and a super accurate read. I am new to astrology and readings so wasn’t sure what to expect. Dee’s read has really helped me to understand certain paths and to help me work through ‘what next’. I am very thankful to her for her insights and will be a regular return customer.

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Crystal N - Hopkinsville USA
She is a very talented astrologer and psychic. She spent alot of time with me discussing my natal, rune, and card reading. She is very thorough and efficient. She helped me see a different perspective in my situation and I am more confident in moving forward.

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - Noor Ali - Brooklyn USA
I had one session with Dee last month, and I've been thinking about it everyday since then. Dee is kind, intuitive, and a great listener that really try her best to understand what is it that you most need to know more about. Not only she does that perfectly and effortlessly, she gives you insights and tools on how best you can create the environment you desire for yourself. She explained my birth chart in full details, and took the time and effort to do the same for a person I'm interested in. She's extremely attentive and non-judgmental, and that alone gave me an immediate sense of safety and trust. The session I booked was for an hour, but she went on more than twenty minutes beyond that to really deliver her message that was so very accurate. Booking a session with Dee is a precious treat you can give to yourself, or others. Trust me on that. 

Re: Aloha Astro's Readings - by S Fawn (Oglesby USA)
I've been receiving readings from Dee for 20 years now and her insights have always been amazingly accurate. I consider her to be one of the best astrologers due to her wisdom, intuition and knowledge. I always receive clarity and guidance after our time together. She is clear and thorough as she delivers the information from the cosmos. Dee is incredibly personable, compassionate, and her intuitive skills are astonishing.

My Psychic Review.  Jessica S - Staten Island USA
Dee with Aloha Astro is simply amazing! She is a gifted intuitive who has really given me clarity into my current life challenges and the best possible out come with a mix of runes and cartomancy . I highly recommend her services she is truly a master of her craft.

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews -  Natalie J - Santa Rosa USA
I was recommended to Dee and am so glad I reached out to her. I was feeling unsure about what steps to take next in my life, and she was able to give me a lot of clarity. In addition, she was super easy to talk to. I'm really grateful for this experience. Thank you!

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - M Marsh - Orlando USA
Dee is a gift. She has given me such insight and every single thing she has said to me resonated completely. She is a high vibration soul and I am so thankful to have crossed paths with her. I highly recommend her. She won’t disappoint!!

Interview With Astrologer Dunnea Rae Of Aloha Astro

Interview With Astrologer Dunnea Rae Of Aloha Astro
My name is Dunnea Rae, but many people call me Dee. My intuitive abilities and interest in metaphysics began when I was six years old. My grandmother visited me in spirit at the time of her passing. Saying goodbye and that she would always be with me. Learn more > >

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