Aloha Astro Reviews

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Re: Aloha Astro Reviews - I first noticed Dunnea on Quora. She answered my astrology question and I thought she was very knowledgeable. I had my first reading with her about a year ago and another one with her recently. Everything she said made perfect sense. I've been to dozens of psychics to understand what was going on and my next steps. Going to them is like getting bits and pieces of information to try and put the puzzle of life together. Going to Dunnea is where I get all the information I need to see how all pieces of the puzzle fit. Really helped me in my career and choices. She's professional and great to talk with also because she listens and answers my questions. - Gabrielle T. (Lilburn USA)

Aloha Astro Reviews

Re:  Aloha Astro Reviews - I’ve had several readings with Dee and her accuracy never ceases to amaze me! She is also a pleasure to talk to. Never judgmental, very honest and always sweet! She has become my go to for astrology and Runes readings. - L Banister (Napa USA)

Dee has helped me many times during my career transition. I highly recommend her, if you are looking for clarity/guidance of your birth chart and transit analysis. - Roz Roberts (Long Beach USA)

I had a reading in May from Aloha Astro and she was amazing!!! The best reading I have ever received. She was recommended in a chat room and did not disappoint! - Kellie Farrish (Antioch USA)

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews: Sweet, genuine, intuitive, understanding, and thoughtful. A bright light and a mother figure. The sweetest soul and a phenomenal reader. Beautiful on the inside and out, with intuitiveness to match. - Danielle George (Laurelton USA)

Aloha Astro Reviews - I have had previous readings with Dee in the past and usually go to her for guidance when I feel I am at a crossroad in my professional or personal life. She has been accurate every single time. There are times during the reading I will think that's not possible and sure enough it happens around the time she said. I have also been thinking and contemplating things that I did not tell her and she would tell me what I was "possibly" thinking. I won't go to anyone else now. She truly is amazing. - by Kourtney M (Edmonton Canada)

Aloha Astro Reviews - Dunnea Ray Is An Amazing Reader: I use Dee for both chart readings and runes, I’ve been using her for two years now and she is highly accurate with both. She is a pleasure to talk to and completely non-judgmental! (K Clarke)

Have had several readings over the years and could tell some were mostly guessing and seemed to always say only good things for me to leave feeling happy and none of it ever came to pass. Dee on the other hand said things about my life immediately without me telling her anything but my name and birth-date. She even shared something I didn't want to hear. Dee told what she saw and didn't give any fake feel good story about which I appreciate that. She is definitely gifted. I am so happy I saw someone post about how good she is on Facebook. I also like that her rates are affordable. I am looking forward to doing more readings with her in the near future.

- by Ck Young (California, USA)

This was my first time calling her.  She's fantastic! Super sweet and goes above and beyond. I was amazed at what she picked up without me even telling her anything besides my birthday. She did a combination of runes, destiny cards, numerology, and my natal chart. Plus, she created a Daywatch Calendar for me. She went into great detail about everything that she saw for me and was very informative. She also gave me some useful advice too in regards to my career! Definitely worth the money in my opinion and I plan on speaking with her again in the future.  Oh, and she did give me a few predictions regarding love and money. It's too early to tell whether or not they'll manifest, but I'm sure that they will.  Thank you so much Ms. Dee!

- by Danielle (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

Once again, thank you Aloha for your amazing insights. You have been a beautiful guide over the past years on this journey called life.  If you have not tried vibing with Aloha you are missing out!

- by N. Harvey - USA

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews. I had my first session with Dee and loved it! She's accurate, studious and attentive! Definitely will do more session with her!

- by Paty, Pasadena CA, USA

Dunnea Rae has been the most amazing reading I have had to date. She has an awesome way about her that tunes into your spiritual levels. I recommended her to my believer and non believer friends and family alike and the results are always the same. They leave with a sense of enlightenment.  I truly respect her vision and her kind words. Thank you for always being available to help guide me on my life's journey. 

- N.H. New Jersey.

Aloha Astro did a chart for me over a year ago and a lot of the things she told me were accurate. I did end up going into my own business. At the time I didn't know how or when but it happened. As for my new reading, she explains what was the best career options for me according to my birth chart. Will take all that information into consideration as I plan my next move. Thank you!

- Roz USA

Both my son and I have had several readings with Aloha Astro's Dunnea Rae (Dee), who is great! She is very kind, really thorough, so smart, and remarkably accurate. Even though she does not charge much at all, the readings - which include all sorts of things including rune readings, astro-readings, etc. - invariably run over the one-hour mark. Yet, she always "keeps going" if you have more questions or she wants to convey more information. I cannot recommend Aloha Astro enough. Every reading is a memorable experience.

- Irene, Houston TX

I had my first reading with Dunnea Rae yesterday which means it is very early to validate her predictions. Some things made sense, some less and some might unfold in the future, hopefully. But anyway I like this person and how she interacted with me. She is really passionate about astrology and runes and makes me want to learn more. She sounds honest and her fees are extremely reasonable and she gave me some extra time to further discuss our reading. This was really kind of her :-)

- A Dog Lover <3, Milan Italy

Loved My Skype Session With Aloha Astro

I have had an in depth relationship reading with Dee before and sought her out again. I love astrology but the Magi Astrology brings another level to understanding relationships and compatibility. She did runes for me and destiny cards also and I left the session with a newfound clarity on some issues I was currently going through. Everything was spot on. It was very helpful. I will highly recommend her services. Lovely person to deal with and very easy to ask your questions in a live Skype session. I contacted her directly and she emailed me back within the hour. Got the reading the next day.

- Melanie, Melbourne, Australia 

Dee - Aloha Astro

I had my first astrology session with Dee and it was amazing! She's very knowledgeable and provided me with perspective on different life aspects. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking into exploring this great tool of astrology.

- Coral, Florida USA

Dunnea Rae was incredible.

Anyone looking for an insightful, thoughtful, attentive, and kind women with an finely attuned insight with the cosmos NEEDS to speak with Dee.

- Courtney Houston, TX USA

Aloha Astro is Wonderful! -

Dunnea Rae, aka Dee, gave me a wonderful reading yesterday. Her tool kit included oracles, numerology and astrology in addition to her excellent intuition. She was confident and also welcoming to me in so many ways. I really enjoyed our time together. I recorded my reading and am sooooo excited to listen to it again. Thanks, Dee!

- Mary Bevington, Boulder CO USA

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews

I've had a few readings with Dee. She has been pretty accurate and I always enjoy my readings. I don't know where to put the amount of stars but she gets a 5.

by: Anonymous 

Had a reading and my mind was BLOWN 

I have never had a Runes reading before, and had always wanted to inquire about my natal chart but never got around to it, somehow while on the internet I landed on this website and decided to contact Dee for a reading thinking I had nothing to really lose...and holy moly was I blown away. Not only did the Runes reading completely match the scenario I was going through she was able to interpret the situation without me saying one word. She explained my natal chart to an unimaginable detail, to where my mouth dropped open...from things about my personality, to my career, to hardships and struggles I have had in my was amazing! And after a wonderful reading, I hung up the phone feeling sooo empowered and at peace that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and all is well! I definitely recommend a reading with Dee, I know I will be back at some point later this year to get another Runes reading when I need one and maybe touch base again in what else to expect in upcoming years to come!!!  Thank you SOOOO much Dee!! 

by: Cappy   2/16/2018

Dee - Aloha Astro 

I really enjoyed my reading with Dee from Aloha Astro. She was very thorough and I felt she went above and beyond what one would expect from a reading. Our one-hour meeting ran past the hour mark and lucky for me she didn't have anyone scheduled after me so she continued talking with me. She seems to be passionate and very knowledgeable about Astrology.

by: Jodie Q 

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews

I recently tried Aloha astrology for the first time. I did the hour reading, which was a mixture of runes and an astrological chart review including transits. I have to say that I am extremely pleased. What was revealed was exactly the situation I am currently going through. This was shockingly accurate. This reading has given me some insight on what next steps I should take to make my life more fulfilling and balanced!

by: Vickey 

Rune Reading by Aloha Astro 

The best astrologist! She is very intuitive and accurate. It is apparent that this is her calling. I strongly encourage anyone who is seeking guidance to give Aloha Astro/Dee a try.

by: Latesha 

Re: Aloha Astro Reviews

Based on the reviews I was confident going into my reading with Dee. However there was still a level of doubt/skepticism. I can say that the reviews were accurate. Dee was spot on with her reading that I did not want the conversation to end. She told me things that I knew and things that opened my eyes to the person I am supposed to be. I will definitely be returning to Dee for any future readings. There were career goals I put on hold but Dee gave me the inspiration to pursue them. If you're looking for an accurate, intuitive reader, you'll find one in Dee. 

by: Tyeisha - Brooklyn, NY

Interview With Astrologer Dunnea Rae Of Aloha Astro

Interview With Astrologer Dunnea Rae Of Aloha Astro
My name is Dunnea Rae, but many people call me Dee. My intuitive abilities and interest in metaphysics began when I was six years old. My grandmother visited me in spirit at the time of her passing. Saying goodbye and that she would always be with me. Learn more > >

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