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Am I Going Crazy?

by Kelley(again)
(Johannesberg, South Africa)

Hey. It's me again; Kelley from South Africa. It was just the other day when I was busy getting my books when I heard something walk in the room. I looked in the mirror and there was nothing there. I thought maybe it was all in my imagination, and maybe it's all from stress at school. Then I just carried on minding my own business, and I felt something stand behind me, and breath on my neck!! I was so creeped out!

I ran out of there like a horse with rabies!

Then, it was time to go and have a good soak in the bath. As I got out and opened my bathroom door, I saw a large black figure walk across our passage. It looked like an essence being sucked into a black hole!

I was so scared that I didn't move. When I finally got myself together I went into my room. As I closed my door, I felt these two things standing on each side of me. Then I heard this whispering again. The exact same as in my last story. I hope I’m not going mad. So I then said the holy trinity, like my Gran told me to do. Then I felt a bit at ease.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about what happened a few days before that! I was playing the piano and I saw a black man in blue overalls walking up and down my garden. He was a spirit. You could see he had a sort of see-through body, with like a shade of light yellow behind him. I walked outside and at the bottom flower bed I saw him standing there. I went towards it, and it went away. I sat at the bottom bench, and I told it to sit next to me. I was warm for a few seconds, and then I felt something a bit cooler site there. I literally felt it. If your eyes were closed you would swear it was a real person!

I told it that I would let it go, and I asked it to please go away because I was creeped out enough from what happened a few weeks ago with the whispering. Anyway, I then saw this very light yellow aura thing walk away from me and then as I blinked, it disappeared.

That’s my second story here. This website is helping me feel a bit better knowing that there is someone I can tell. I am seriously sorry if you guys think I want attention but the truth is I don't!!! I'm a Virgo! I hate being boastful!

If you have any ideas on how I can just be at ease with what is happening, please tell me!

Thank you!


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Jun 14, 2008
random stuff
by: ash

well.....weird things have been happening past few months....i ignored them...few years back i got paranormal activity windows blowing open etc etc....but now these have developed into to stronger things i can get details in like...flashes of images more precise...its just random ill be sitting down and ill just get a random flash of images and ill talk to my friend who is also getting these things and he said he had the same thing....and sounds weird but i can like sense how people are feeling o.O random stuff i see feet going past my door but there's no one up stairs....also there seems to be a black thing following me around it provokes me to look out the window i look and its not there... anyone help me out? if so reply back! thank you !

Jun 04, 2008
This won't help but you should be able to see where I'm coming from
by: James

Ha you know what?.. I also have had weird things happening, like dark shadows appearing that I can see so clearly. The worst is when I'm in the bathroom and I hear a groan/moan at first I thought it was my parents and I was like eww, I barged in on them and they were asleep I woke them up and they said they heard nothing...

You can change fate.. really concentrate! See where you are, look at a watch, a clock, anything, but who knows maybe you do this and go something like it's now the driver turns round and crashes into a tree..

Mar 29, 2008
To Angela :0)
by: Kelley

Hey Angela! Thank you! your story sounds so creepy! tehe. The weird thing is, I'm 14 too! But you know with all those freaks out there I thought maybe I shouldn't be telling them that kind of stuff. And, lately I have been kind of having these freaky flashes of stuff, and you know what, it all comes true. Once I was just chilling with my buds at school, and I started seeing this guy,(kind of cute) LOL.(BLUSHING RIGHT NOW!) and just a few months later I met that guy, and his name is Douglas! How cool and freaky is that!!!!!!!!!!

The other day, I had a dream about this little boy, and i just kept dreaming it over and over again. It was like a movie being played in rewind! lmao! And then all of a sudden it stopped. I was walking in my passage and into my room, I looked up from my phone because I was on mxit, and there he was! Sitting on my bed! I chased him out and stuff like that. (like a big sister) lol. Then I was in a garden, and I saw this lady sitting on a bench, I spoke to her and I asked her why she was still here and not in heaven. I then had this flash again, and I saw these men break into their farm house and they killed her daughter. She went over to her daughter and they stabbed her. I just started crying because it was horrible. But, she is now gone away, and hopefully she has gone and is resting with her daughter.

The little boy still lives with us though, and he walks next to me. who knows! He might be my 'slowly growing up' guardian angel!

But lately I have been having dreams and flashes about me being in a coma and in hospital in ICU. I was in a serious car crash, and in a really bad condition. And my friend dreamt that I died from a car crash and she had to tell all my other friends.

I hope that these are just dreams and flashes that don't mean anything. But my family and friends and even me are all really creeped out.

But oh, well - when you die you die. You can't change fate.

Hope you enjoy the rest of high school!


Mar 20, 2008
<><>To Kelley<><>
by: Angela

Hi Kelley, my name is Angela, I'm 14 years old and I'm from Pennsylvania, USA. I liked your stories there very interesting, I had some experiences like that myself, I'm use to it, I've been experiencing things since I was 3 yrs old, and as I'm growing up I'm starting to experience more weird things. I've been touched thousands of times by something invisible, I can sense when there is a presents near me, I get a cold touch, or a hot breeze flow past me, and I'm serious once I was in bed trying to sleep, it was like 10:08 at night and I was wide awake, and all of a sudden I saw a pair of dark brown eyes come in through my window, I closed my eyes and opened them and I still saw them, they turned and looked at me then zoomed over to me and at the moment they came to me, my bed literally shook like someone jumped up on it, and I felt something like a very cold smooth finger lightly touch me I was scared. I tried to tell it to "Please go away" then it did. It went away, then just last week, I wanted to talk to it, I grabbed a piece of paper tor it in half so it's small then I focused and in my mind I said "If you can hear me, then could you put your finger on this piece of paper and push it as hard as you can?". Then the paper moved, just how I asked, then I had the chills and I was excited and said "If that was you, could you do that again please?" and again, it moved slightly. It was cool, and at the same time...freaky! but I believe, that I'm a psychic I can talk to spirits through the mind. I'm serious, all I can say is, don't be scared, spirits are everywhere and they are mostly good then bad, and Kelley, your probably a psychic too. Not too many people see spirits, spirits are probably trying to warn you about something, so you can be safe. They probably want to communicate because they are sad and lonely. Some spirits don't realize they're dead, they think their still alive and your house was probably once theirs and they love it. They don't try to hurt anyone on purpose, and it's impossible for them to hurt anyone bad cause they don't have a body, you should try to talk to them, do what I do: Try to listen to what they say, if you hear voices, if you see faces you have never seen before...sometimes they will show themselves cause they want to communicate, or their trying to introduce themselves to you, who knows. And I think it's a gift to have the ability to talk and see spirits, not everyone can do that, you shouldn't be afraid of a cool gift to communicate with spirits. Just think if the spirits are still living...would you be afraid of living things? Sometimes they can save YOUR life, they did to me, when I was 3 I fell down the stairs with at least 15 steps, and I should of broke my neck the way I fell, but when I got to the bottom of the stairs, not a mark on me, I just stood up and walked away like nothing happened, my parents even witnessed that, they couldn't believe it, maybe the spirits you seen are guarding you.

Mar 02, 2008
What is this?
by: kelley

Hey hey. I just want to know, I was on a website where you get asked questions and then they answer you. I did a quiz for your aura colour, and I don't know how, but I kind of got white. I don't know if it is true. I can see other people's aura's, but why not mine? lol. Sorry that went totally off the subject. Do you think that that is true? Because I have no idea!

lol. Bye :D

Mar 02, 2008
Something else
by: Kelley

Umm, this might sound really weird, but umm, my friend and I have been having these dreams about this little girl. I dream that she is being chased by a man. He has these extremely mean eyes and he is tall and thin. He ties her mother to a chair and then beats up her dad. The daughter runs into the bedroom and into the bathroom and then the man picks her up and hits her. Then, as the girl stands up, another man comes in. It's as if it is really happening!!! It is so scary! and i can be minding my own business and i just have these terrible flashes! i go into a complete well, like, trance!! I then see that man going after that girl, again, and again and again. I then well, shake myself out of it and then i feel all clammy and out of breath! Sometimes I feel like that man is standing right there. Right behind me. Once I even saw him! He had brown hair and eyes. His eyebrows were straight and he had frown marks. I feel like there is something here. But what? That's the question.

Now, my friend has been having these dreams also about a little girl, that gets bullied by her brothers. She tries to talk to the little girl in her dream but, the problem is that the little girl just looks at her. and then she runs away!

Thank you so much for the help I'm getting. :)

Feb 26, 2008
What to do next time this happens
by: Anonymous

Hey Kelley,
I think your seeing dark spirits or demons, try singing, its good that your saying the holy trinity. But when this happens again remember God and don't be afraid, those things get a lot of power from your fear and the more your scared the more power they have, stay strong and remember you can fight back.

Feb 23, 2008
I'll try that
by: Kelley

Thanks Elaine!! I'll really try that! I'll tell my gran about what has been happening and then get something more out of her!

Thank you so so so much!

Feb 17, 2008
Do not go through this without assistance.
by: Anonymous

Hi Kelly

My name is Elaine and I have been involved with ghost investigations for a few years. It sounds like the experience you are having is a ghost/s associated with your residence.

First and foremost ask yourself, "How does this make me feel?" If being near the spirit makes you feel frightened, uneasy, afraid or worse, the entity is of a lower astral level and you should send it away.

Always protect yourself! Prayer is powerful! Use stones such as labradorite, citrine, tiger's eye on your person. Obtain sage to smudge the area frequently.

Check into the history of the building or the site. In the USA people who sell homes must inform the buyer if the land has been haunted/has unusual occurrences on it.

If you have not connected with your own Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels, do so. Your guides and angels will keep you safe.

If all of this sounds beyond your interest, contact a shaman, priest or psychic in your area that can assist in cleansing your residence.

Whenever a building or piece of property is the site of overwhelming emotional energy release, the land itself can act like a camera and retain images of the emotional events that occur on it.

If the entity/s interact with you in different ways, or behaviors occur in response to what you ask, it is probably a spirit/ghost event. If you just see the entity doing the same thing over and over again, it is probably place memory.

Either way, you are not insane, etc. You have the gift of second site. You can perceive things that others may not. This is a gift but it can be challenging. Get help. Contact others in your area for assistance. Either way, you should not be dealing with this alone.

Blessings, blessings
Elaine S.

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