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Apparition On Walls

I've seen an apparition on walls and ceilings also. I awoke early to use the restroom. I got out of my bed, as soon I looked up to see where I was going, I saw apparitions on the walls and ceilings of multiple sized boxes with roundish corners, each having a mysterious symbol in them. 

The biggest apparition was ahead of me on the ceiling nearest the wall, I estimate the size to that of two posters side by side. Other boxes were roughly between ten and twelve inches in size. I wiped my eyes thinking perhaps my eyes were not yet opened. I then thought maybe it was reflection from light on laptop screen but my laptop behind me, the lid was mostly closed, I rubbed my eyes, still there. 

Apparition On Walls

Then walked out into living room and apparition on walls and ceilings was all over there too. The images were not seeming as if they were directly on the walls/floor/ceiling, they were seeming to be close but not on the wall. A strange fog/cloudy layer but not on the walls itself. 

It took me by surprise as I’m sure it would anyone. I walked into the bathroom and turned the light on and the light cleared everything up. I finished that task and went back to bed wondering what I just saw.

I woke up later again by my alarm to do the work thingy... I hopped on messenger and sent a msg to a friend that is close to the spirits sections and told them what I had seen. Lots of thoughts but no solid answers. 

On the humor side why doesn't google translate work on this stuff?

The only symbol that I really remember seeing was a squarish like spiral that went outside to inside spiral in a clockwise direction. It was a squared version of I guess an upside down @, but more squarish. The utmost point was to the upper side around a one o'clock position. 

As for the other symbols, I don't recall any being the same. Nothing that represented an alphabet I've ever seen before. I looked at the list of languages you linked to. Nothing like those but more symbol like in the Phoenician alphabet or Paleo-Hebrew alphabet but not matching any of those characters on those two lists. The @ like symbol I don’t see on the list or anything similar. 

Does anyone have any thoughts? I would like to hear what you have to say. I looked up hypnagogic and the opposite but my state of awake did not fit either of those. My friend said the following: Many ancient languages use a picture form of language to simplify meaning to words or references. We lost the knowledge to understand it. To me that's like angelic downloading to you. To that last comment my response was "A Christmas card from the head office?" :) 

Apparition On Walls Guest Post - by Jim Urbie (North Dakota)

Are You Seeing Writing On The Walls?

Are You Seeing Writing On The Walls?

With now over ten years of contributions from peeps all over the world it becomes clear that there are several common threads to this apparition on walls phenomenon. What is your story?

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