Art of Clairvoyance

by Flora TM
(Arizona, United States of America)

My name is Flora and I've been drawing since age 2 and engaged in metaphysical study since age 11. Like many of you, my childhood was not happy or healthy, but my art and imagination took me to "better place" that was light, not dark. My spiritual gifts from God are clairsentience and clairvoyance, and I use art as a tool to draw and/or paint my readings, what I see and sense; I also provide text within the content to provide the readee. I moved from the east coast to Arizona and the aura here is conducive to meditation, quiet and creating accurate and healing pictures to provide to one who seeks it.

If someone comes to me to request a drawing-reading, it is for a reason. I only ask for the first name, that is all. No birthdate, no question(s), no location or time of birth, or gender or others' names (associated with a question/s in mind).

I provide readings several times a week, after I meditate and have complete focus, time and no distractions.

I am not asking for compensation at this time; if I do provide a reading, I ask that the readee please follow up (when able to) and send a testimonial, opinion/comments, feedback on the drawing-reading I have created and emailed to you.

If you are interested in receiving a drawing-reading from me, please send me an email only with your first name (required only) at: floradrawing @

Thank you, God Bless


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