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You will see my image below contains five crystal balls. Each has a theme.

1 - Career   2 - Money   3 - Love   4 - Spiritual   5 - Wellness

How to Ask Magic Crystal Ball Questions:

Please be in a relaxed state of mind as this will help you tune into the psychic realms. Think of one question only for the scrying and match the theme of your question with the relative number on one of the doors behind the crystal balls. Then imagine projecting your question into the ball. Hold the thought for a minute or two, then let it go.

Free Scrying #4 for my Facebook Crystal Ball Reading are revealed below this picture. 

Ask Magic Crystal Balls on Facebook

Ask Magic Crystal Ball Questions on Facebook | Answers Revealed

Psychics answer questions about careers

Did you ask magic crystal ball 1 – Focused on Career Questions?

"While this is a great time to do something about a move to new pastures, it is not a good time to make it known. Having a cunning plan will be beneficial. Taking action based on that plan will put you in the right place at the right time to be picked up and taken forward. 

There is no need to burn bridges. Something or someone you leave behind will prove to be a great asset at a later time. While talking of bridges, I notice that a clear border is crossed. So, this appears to me to indicate a significant change of location,

The ultimate outcome of enacting this cunning plan is very good indeed. You will feel like you are in your perfect environment. A place you really do shine and prosper."

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Psychics answer questions about money

Did you ask magic crystal ball 2 - Focused on Money Questions?

"Do you want to get your hands on some more money? While I do not want to encourage a gambling habit, I do see and feel the pull on the lever of a one-armed bandit. So, if you see a slot machine with the symbol of a crown it could well be worth trying your luck. 

The reason for getting hold of more money plays an important role. Learning, education, books, certificates all show as worthy reasons here. No numbers in this crystal ball just symbols (crowns, gold and angel wings), so it is not the lottery… I wish you good luck.

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Psychics answer questions about love

Did you ask magic crystal ball 3 - Focused on Love Questions?

"If you are feeling the winds of change pushing you in a new direction, just go with the flow. Saying that I see your hesitation gripping you as if you are looking back and waiting for what has not happened to happen at the last minute. It will not. 

I have an urge to say ‘follow the money’ but this crystal ball is about love. So, follow the obvious signs of love and do not get side-tracked on subtleties. 

This new love, once in hand, takes you far and keeps you safe."

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Psychics answer questions about spiritual matters

Did you ask magic crystal ball 4 - Focused on Spiritual Questions?

"I see the prayers, or spiritual requests, being answered. But it seems that others around you are asking the same. So, you may wonder who is really getting answered? Do a meditation, ask for confirmation of your request and then listen to the whisper for your name. You will hear it and you will know. 

This will take away the pressure of being ‘under the circumstances. And even though one may be in hot water, know that a happy and miraculous outcome is soon yours."

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Psychics answer questions about wellness

Did you ask magic crystal ball 5 - Focused on Wellness Questions?

"If you are chasing wellness take the medicine, diet, nutrition, or supplements as prescribed. Stick with the plan, give yourself time and stay focused on the outcome. 

I also see the options of struggle and simplicity. Why not take it easy and follow a simple strategy? Because both options can bring the same outcome, why put yourself through the wringer when you do not need to? 

What then appears in this crystal ball are symbols of strength and vitality that once grasped stay with you. "

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