An Authentic Psychic Tells How To Reduce Client Disappointment

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I am an authentic psychic with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. There are great rewards in being in touch with these senses and helping others in their life situations. The blessing we experience when we've made contact in the spirit world is more of a reward than the material gain. Most of us genuinely feel this way. So what do we do when our client all of a sudden changes and claims we are a fraud?

Being faced with this myself was really painful in the beginning. I have had so many wonderful clients and so many accurate and credible psychic readings that the thought of producing something "fraud" is totally appalling to me spiritually. Even the best, most authentic psychics will endure this hardship from time to time. 

How To Make An Authentic Psychic Reader Information Page

How To Make An Authentic Psychic Reader Information Page

I decided to make some adjustments to my information page that the client reads before the initial live contact.

  1. I tell the prospective client my authentic psychic gifts and how they work.
  2. I tell of my experience and training.
  3. I give them a list of things to do before actually making the psychic call.
  • Ask them to make a specific list of questions to be asked.
  • Ask the client to clear their mind of distractions.
  • Tell the client that if there are things they aren't agreeing with in the session to let me know, and that some things need to be placed on a "shelf" instead of disregarded as "fraud."

This has seemed to help me a lot in knowing I have helped open the client up before the reading. I often have to reiterate putting things on a "shelf" while in the session for the skeptical. Keep in mind; if a person is a skeptic before they come on the line, then chances are there may be a hard time actually making contact. In this case I simply tell the client that I am not receiving any information at this time, and that they may chose to try again when there isn't any interference. This will keep your energies positive, and keep them happy of not wasting their money. This adds a respect on your behalf.

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Guest post by Pamella King

Credible Psychic Pamella King

I hope this information has helped keep your business open in a new light. May we all continue to enjoy the light that guides us in this beautiful calling/profession.

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Thank you - by Anonymous
I too have always been psychic - ALWAYS. Always felt different than others, always knew things and luckily had a mom who encouraged it. But she had no understanding of it, so neither did I. I work in the business field now and am really dead inside, always come back to working as a psychic. It's with me all the time anyway right? I've finally decided - upon much pushing from the other side (my mom recently passed over) to open my own authentic psychic business with a few other wonderful positive people. My biggest hang up, my biggest fear actually is that while working someone will call me a fraud. That I will be targeted and called out as so many others have been. When giving readings for free... or relaying messages to strangers just because I can I had much less fear obviously because I wasn't charging them for my time. So thank you for this article.

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