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let the monkey on your back be your guide ;).

let the monkey on your back be your guide ;).

I have always tried to deny that I was a psychic or medium, but one event will stay as a constant reminder that I am.

One morning I was getting ready to drive my self to High school. I put the dumplings my mom made the night before in a coffee cup. Once I put it in the netted pocket on the outside of my backpack a vision flashed through my mind. I saw myself swinging my backpack in the classroom and the coffee cup flying across the room. I scoffed and thought to myself ', we'll see just how accurate this is.' I got a feeling that I should follow my gut and leave the dumplings at home. I didn't listen of course because I wanted to see what would happen. When I arrived in my art class I did exactly as my prediction told me. I didn't even think about what I was doing. I smeared dumplings all over the floor. Then, when I tried to heat up what was left in the microwave, the coffee mug melted. The whole classroom smelled like burned plastic. It was very embarrassing.

Ever since then I have kept my ears open for any other predictions. No matter what you do (if you use your sixth sense), it is as much a part of your spirit as your nose is a part of your face. Accept it and love it and you'll see it grow in a more positive light.

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