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Bizarre Twin Flame Story

by Anonymous

A couple of weeks before meeting this guy, I had just gotten a job at a coffee shop that I had really felt guided to work at. Strange things kept happening there, each time me and a co-worker would talk about someone or something, they would walk in, even people or related people I hadn't seen for years.

I was growing increasingly happy, and rising above the sadness and anger that has troubled me my entire life. The synchronicities were to the point where I was just not even surprised anymore... but then I started getting strange déjà-vu with people and things happening with people that were simply ordering coffee. One instance I felt intense vertigo and started shaking... I can't even describe these feelings... and it was just two people ordering coffee and talking about meaningless things...

Well... I was so damn happy and was totally at peace with myself and the universe one day... which is very unusual for me in the comparison of my life-long sadness... and I HAVE HAD THE CRAZIEST LIFE... Believe me... coming that far never seemed possible but it was what I had been "praying" and "meditating" for. One day I kept feeling and seeing this "pink energy" and I kept thinking about this "pink energy feeling" and I was so happy and kept wondering what is the DEAL with this PINK thing? I looked outside and there was the most beautiful sunset I'd ever seen. INTENSE pink... So a couple days later at work I was even happier. I was even happy cleaning the bathrooms. I was happy towards people who had reallllllllllyyyyyyy wronged me. It was like everything made sense and I was just in the "now". I loved everyone and everything. I had this intense energy and was cleaning and talking, being very extroverted, which is also something new, and eating a snickerdoodle cookie and drinking a latte and suddenly it got very busy... A long line of people came in and I felt so connected and good towards everyone... and suddenly this guy came in.

I thought I knew him. He seemed so familiar. Not like any typical déjà-vu, I actually thought I knew him. When he spoke, his voice resonated into my very soul; each cell in my body was like a vibrating bell. He kept trying to talk to me even though we were so busy. He kept asking me questions and I ended up telling him I was an artist, musician and writer. He was too..! Especially the writer part... I KNEW it already though... He said he'd like to see some of my work, so I asked him for a business card. He didn't have one so he made one on a piece of paper. His name seemed so familiar. He said he was in town visiting, but was from a different state, which is far away, so then it was weird that I felt I knew him. He mentioned the words ‘spirituality’ and ‘metaphysics’ which REALLY grabbed my attention (I think that's when I asked for his business card). He shook my hand and said it's very nice to meet you.

A month later and I still can't figure out WHAT I was feeling in that moment. I remember each word he said if I sit here and think about it. It was like a movie scene. I can see it again in my head. Well, it was busy and I told him when he kept trying to talk to me "I have to work now, Please come back" I am not sure where this came from. It just came out of my mouth. And he left. I said to my co-worker "He's perfect. He's beautiful”. The people he was with were next in line and they seemed so familiar too. I said hi to them, like I flipping knew them too. After he left, I mean it took days for things to hit me. And I mean HIT me. Everyone seemed DIFFERENT to me. EVERYTHING made sooooo much sense... my past lessons made sense and seemed necessary... I felt connected to everyone to the point my perception had completely changed to a larger one. My intentions were so clear. My purpose in life is so clear.

I texted him my number and kept it really casual. I looked him up on facebook and when I typed his name... it was the strangest feeling I'd EVER had. THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO SEES ORBS, AURAS, HEARS ANGELS SOMETIMES, AND HAS HAD PSYCHIC DREAMS, OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, AND HAS SEEN and went through MANY BIZZZARRE THINGS. It truly felt like I was writing my own damn name; like I had been writing his name instead of my own for my entire life. I found his profile immediately and when I read his info I started crying. He had spiritual things and quotes and everything I would choose, much of the same favourite music, and he wrote things exactly how I would if I wasn't afraid of what people thought. It was like looking at a mirror but seeing the person I've always been looking for. I looked at his picture and all of these feelings hit me. My energy in my body started moving. My soul starting moving my body, like it was leaving my body... or like I was receiving all of this information from deep in my soul and I was typing it and my body was following. It is hard to describe. Then I started to realize that he was the exact description of who I'd always been looking for.

I called my sister and told her I had met someone special. She isn't into the metaphysical studies that I am but she looked him up online and freaked out... and said "Weird, he sounds just like you" and she said something that really freaked me out. "He looks exactly like the guy you were obsessed with when we were little." I remembered drawing pictures of a blonde haired kid that I felt a connection with when I was growing up. I felt I was this person… but not this person… No one understood what I was talking about, but I knew there was something special about this person when I was little and had these feelings for, and always "missed". I even used to think I had a twin and thought I could "feel" him. I would see him in my mind, and I loved him so much… this imaginary guy… I remembered looking up at the moon and Orion and feeling this feeling like there was this person out there I would find one day and that was a very spiritual feeling, and begged the universe for me to find him one day. I would always feel good feelings back, something about music, and love.

I researched twin flames online that night and read about coming into "pink energy" before you meet them. I was completely freaked out. I also remembered the dreams I had about a guy many times… dancing with me, going places with me, and saying very romantic things. I realized the same guy in the dreams and drawings when I was only 12 or 13 was the guy I had just met.

After a day or so he e-mailed me that he loved my interests/quotes/music and said he was coming back to town and wanted to meet with me for a drink. He also mentioned he was surprised that a band wasn't on my list and how it was a step by step guide to enlightenment. I wrote back how I had used to be obsessed with the band but had had a bad experience with at a concert. I didn't mention that my karma is tied with that band and my very bad traumatic past is tied into it as well, but I said I'd give it another chance. I did, and I fell hard. The pain, anger, and bad everything came back; the hurt… everything. He said he would be there on the 10th. But I began to question that he was really my twin flame. But I did the meditations on line and asked myself in my mind at work, “Am I crazy or is this really happening?” I looked down, and saw a rubber band was in the shape of the infinity symbol. And then I looked at the milk jugs which all said 4-10-10. Things like that kept happening. But the 10th came, and I never heard anything from him. That was a week ago.

I am still bombarded with the past karma, but am getting better about reacting to it. I have become vegan, and have been doing more spiritual art. I have heard songs in my head with a guy’s voice singing with me. I would like to think it was his. Everything is very intense. My body is much more sensitive to everything. I am braver about who I am and even posted art I was scared my friends and family would think badly about me for. I have started a painting about the tree of life connecting me to the universe and the earth in front of everyone in class. Meeting this person ONE time has changed my life. I have had soul mates before. This is completely different. I haven't talked to him, or hinted about any of this. I don't know what to do. I can only just hope to get past the bad feelings to that happy point again… and hope that I see him again one day. No person I was ever remotely interested in compares. No one comes close. I was always looking for his exact description... and when I met him... I TOLD HIM TO GO AWAY. I It was only less than a month ago, but it seems like forever ago. I am scared that he doesn't know what I know. I am sometimes scared that I'm nuts. But the signs keep happening, and I "see" more than ever. I can sense him sometimes. He speaks to me in dreams, but I can't seem to remember what he says.

The lucid dreams lately are all about me trying to change my reaction to the things that have caused me pain, anger, jealousy in the past. Maybe when I get through this I can see him in person again.


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Apr 02, 2017
The Breast Man of my Dreams
by: Bee

My situation is also very weird. A few months ago, I discovered a small breast lump out of the blue. Went through the usual scans, biopsy etc. and the lump turned out to be malignant. Strangely, I felt absolutely no fear or apprehension from the outset.

Was referred to the top breast cancer surgeon/oncologist in my city. Walked into his office for consultation, and BAM there was The One. Shook me to the core and could tell that he felt the same.

The guy exudes a powerful healing energy that was palpable in the operating room, and still feel his energy attached to me constantly. He's married. I've been divorced for years. I feel him drawing closer, but also am fully prepared to let him go. I'm determined not to break up his marriage or create any karma.

Mar 29, 2017
by: Kylan Sparrow

Hi, very nice writing- it was moving- felt almost personal:)

Oct 25, 2014
I have similar issues.
by: Sabby

If I were to get in depth about my twin flame issue here,I'd go over the writing limit.To many people I come off as crazy,because they don't understand jack shit about the spiritual realm and metaphysics. Okay,I might sound like I am crazy,I’ve been told I sound crazy before. Well,it started off when I was little,I have been having dreams of a wonderful,beautiful blonde male,the dreams took place around the 70′s and then the 80′s with him in his teen years. I’ve kept a journal of my dreams since I was little. I was born in 1995,people tell me,"It’s too fast to have been reincarnated" I don’t want to think I am crazy,ever since I was little I have liked nothing but stuff from those days and I dress that way (My parents never showed me that music,because I am adopted and my adoptive mother is turning 81 this year and she doesn’t remember anything of the 80′s besides her car and her marriage because she is an immigrant from Cuba) Please,I need some help. I don’t want to ever come to the conclusion that I am crazy. Here goes the whole thing: Aside from the dreams,I can’t even date anyone,I try to,but I can’t something either goes wrong,or I feel like I am cheating on someone that is not there,I try to find other men attractive but,I can’t I can tell you that they are handsome but I just don’t have any attraction to them. I went to Pennsylvania about 9 years ago,the entire place seemed familiar,I felt like I came back home after being away for years,everything felt like home,I didn’t feel lost,the day seemed brighter,I knew my way around,the locations I have seen before in my dreams (they are not even what you would call tourist destinations,and this was my first time in Pennsylvania in this life) I still kept having the dreams of that blonde man,whether it was him as a child or a pre-teen or him as a teen and most recently around 2008 I started seeing an older male in my dreams who is blonde,but he seems a bit changed because he is older. I found out about twin flames when my aunt was reading my journals of the blonde male and the fact that I drew a lot of pictures of him while trying to remember how he looked like upon waking up. I kept the drawings,I still have them and I use them as reference in hopes of finding him some day and not finding out that I am insane. As a young girl,I was attracted to an old vinyl record player and had my mother buy it for me even though she was questioning me and wondering why would a girl my age want that?? I would hear the records I bought along with it and would have memories of the same blonde guy but with certain songs. I met this one blonde male in this life who was my doctor at the time and I thought at first that it could be him,but the Universe took him away from me and I found out he was married,plus I found out he was just 27,therefore he’d be quite a bit too young to fit that age range that I see in my dreams. About 3 years gone by and I met another blonde male,this time he was around age 45,and so happen to be my anatomy teacher. One day I was talking to a friend of mine, about the story I am writing which takes place in the state of Pennsylvania,and he told me at that moment that he is from Pennsylvania (Central PA,the same regional area where my story takes place in) At first I was like whatever,it’s a coincidence that he happens to be from Pennsylvania. As the days and months kept going since September of 2012, I found out he plays piano(like I do) but he plays saxophone as well (The man I have seen in my dreams for many years happen to play both instruments,and I swear to God I am not making up any of this,I would have to scan my whole notebooks to prove it,I wouldn’t mind and this goes back as far as 2000) He loves animals (so does the guy in my dreams,specifically reptiles,same as the other) I had dreams of the same mystery blonde guy about a couple years back that he was studying medicine and he would wear a white coat and sometimes he wouldn’t depending if he had to do lab or not, and fast forward to 2012 I heard from this man that he himself is a med school drop out he only had one semester but called it quits. I would never smile in my pictures unless I was forced to but you could tell my smiles are fake,he also happens to have that issue;both of us are camera shy that we would rather hide behind others than be seen in the picture. We share similar music taste,and a lot of times complete what the other was going to say or say the same thing at the same time (That was just real awkward) I still have the dreams about the blonde man and they still take place in the same state,only recently have I tried looking up Pennsylvania on Google Maps to see if the region at all felt familiar,The areas of North East,South East,North West and South West Pennsylvania struck no familiarity at all,nothing about them, Central Pennsylvania,however did. Southern Columbia county,around Connyngham township,The regions around Harrisburg,such as the small towns in Dauphin county surrounding the Susquehanna river seemed familiar to me. (I don’t believe I have messaged this earlier,but I am in Florida and I was born and raised here) My spirit animal is the Hawk,specifically a black hawk; I graduated in June of 2013,I still have dreams of that blonde male (but they haven’t been as often as they were back in the day) I try to forget that man,I try getting my mind off of him and the one in my dreams,but whenever I would like if I were to try and get away something would always have me back in front of him needing him for something,or just to talk and we would randomly bump into each other in places;I’ve also have been hearing and seeing his first name everywhere and I am not even asking for it cause even people say it and I saw a woman with that name tattooed on her(It’s not even a common name here in South Florida,everyone here has like some sort of hispanic name and he has a German first and last name) I haven’t seen him since Tuesday,but upon Wednesday night I was just looking to continue my story and get my mind off of the whole dream guy vs man I know in real life and I was looking up Pennsylvania in several decades,because my story takes place in Pennsylvania from 1950-now and I came across a yearbook and the school’s mascot and book title happen to be the hawks (**Hawk is my spirit animal) So,out of curiosity,without even thinking about those things,just focusing on my stories because I want them to be historically accurate(Fashion wise and everything) and when I stumbled upon the 9th grade side of the year book I saw him in that year book,and It was him cause it just looked like a youthful version of him and I felt like I had a mini heart attack and I had like a warm burning feeling around my heart and my head (It was a very weird feeling) I just stopped looking at that and just lied down and tried to wonder what the hell happen. The rest of the night and the next day just felt weird,they didn’t seem normal as usual and the name I saw frequently has subsided,I see it but not as often as I would. Am I going crazy??? If I am please let me know,I’ll find a psychiatrist a.s.a.p

Jun 03, 2014
by: Mario

When I realized I was already inside the espherical radiant event of this life, when I turned around the linear world was juts gone. From that moment I started to feel more related to him than anyone else... I turned around into my 27 yearsd old when we haven't ever talked, and I love him with all the power of the universe, not any less, It is just how the entire universe moves... towards him, towards us.

It took me a veeeery long time to be able to understand and tell this. The "3d me", "the ego", couldn't bare or believe this, nothing in "the material world" could ever accept any of my feelings and visions, In my way I found info about our true past, Atlantis, ascended masters and "the big picture of the whole ecosystem"

Everything I learned in this long time just clarified everything I felt, there was really nothing to learn about the experience, It's just about coming back home, to let the heaven suck us back...

My out of body experiences were so intense that I started to feel beings out there, I always felt I was not alone, I realized that I HAD ALWAYS SEEN THEM! angels! when we cry a lot, when we feel really really bad, there they are!! Now I just understand what life always was...

Now I know that life is about the now, but you can be and see anything in the past or future, cause they are one, is the -present-, THE WIDTH of present is the key, we are milennial, we come from above, we will have the honor to reunite physically in 19 months and heal the world with oneness consciousness

Please let's keep in touch everyone!!

Jan 07, 2014
Thankyou for This Story
by: Anonymous

I can, totally relate with this story, except I haven't met mine yet and I'm back into negative space, because of it. The pink is something that I actually have sent to mine, but then I negated it thinking that maybe I was putting my own subjective sentiment into the color pink. However, hearing your story, I realize, I should go ahead with the pink, maybe he'll sense it.
I am usually pretty good at visualizing and I cannot, for the life of me, see him. I did get a name, but I don't know if it's his first name or a surname . He's from another continent than myself of another language than English.

Your story help me become grounded a little though and the thought that, he himself, may have wanted me to read this story.

I feel I've been waiting my whole life to meet him, I don't know why, it's taken this long, because I always felt him. Somehow. And I too, was so happy and felt compassion for everyone and everything.

I thought I'd truly run into him, once I discovered what it was all about, but it hasn't happened. I feel very self conscious on my looks about him, because physically, I have changed and things I want to change. I hope he can look past them or help me with them. I also don't dream about him, which is strange, but I don't. Except twice. The second one, I was healed, he had his arms around me and the next morning, my stomach no longer hurt and I couldn't believe it! Because it was so complete, it came back as he faded during the day. Yet I have yet to meet mine.

Thankyou so much for sharing your story.

Much Love~

Jun 13, 2013
Is he famous
by: Anonymous

Is he's famous blonde psychic cause I know one but he's 46 years old not young and he's no longer single

Dec 23, 2012
cherish the gift
by: Anonymous

I totally connected to every part of your story..I had met a very special person just like you did..and I had lost him for a couple of years, but after I finished dealing with all the anger, sadness, negativity and selfish love and learned to love him unconditionally , he came back to my life..but twin flame love is never easy..he left this plane years ago..but I still talk to him and feel him..and now we are living through special times on Earth, the connection is much stronger..I am living with him, even though I don't see him in physical body any more..you can never be truly apart from your twin flame..you are meant to be together just once you learn to love unconditionally..may your courage be with you along the way, you will never lose him..lots of love and light on your way..

Feb 17, 2012
name of the band ?
by: Anonymous

Amazing story, I have had similar experiences 10 years ago, but I have not met my TF...yet, but I know who he is... My question which may seem strange is about the band you mentioned... what is the name of the band. I have a very personal reason for asking as I have said my experiece is very similar to yours.

Jul 09, 2011
Here I am Still with You
by: Amanda

I am sure this is real.I met my twin soul when I was 17, he showed up at an apartment where we all used to party at.The moment he walked in the door ours eyes met and our stomachs sank with a rush,through the years we grew up together in the same group of friends very close to each other. I always felt a pull when I was near him but did not know what it was,it took us 3 years to ever cross the line of becoming intimate;we stayed this way for 2 years though he was always shutting me out due to his fear of me.He moved away to go to school and we never forgot each other. Somehow we met up again recently and I flew to spend time with him after 6 years of no contact.Our time together was magical and felt like I was never gone,we now know what we are and understand why we feel so special and simple together,strangers even notice us as we are almost identical to each other.We share many same qualities and interests with playing guitar together and a passion for performing on stage,we are both very sentimental and spiritual people and the childish laughter and fun never ends in each others presence,we are always walking in step next to each other and feel a need to be together and yet want to be separate;we see each other and always feel each other even through distance and time;we share a still mindflow when we stare into each others eyes that is impossible task to accomplish with anyone else, but an easy and comfortable task for us.If I want to know how he's feeling I look in the mirror.I am on spiritual journey with my twin soul and we have been lucky enough to meet here in this lifetime and I am certain we have much left to learn from each other and will spend eternity together even past this life.The love we share is eternal and incomparable to anything of this outer world.

Nov 09, 2010
What's next?
by: Anonymous

twinflmes.... Is it exactly like a match made in heaven. I don't know. As far as I know the other half was always my critic. However, As time passed by I saw the other person responding exactly with the same sentiments I have. Anyway we're not together now since I thought the emotion was so intense, I decided to transfer to another job. Probably I am just not ready for any of this. I remembered the day I left neither were we in a relationship nor were we friends AT ALL. However I felt it was the loneliest day of my life, and the other gave me a truly pained look with beseeching eyes as if to hold me back. Still I went forth to leave. After some months I verified that I found my twinflame through signs from seeing shooting stars to asking psychics, NOW WHAT'S NEXT??? We are not even in communication of any sort

Oct 26, 2010
I Can Relate
by: Kristin

I found myself nodding my head with absolutely everything you described regarding the time before, during, and after meeting your TF. I have yet to meet mine in person, but I can definitely relate. I know his first name, what he looks like, his likes, dislikes, his personality, and little personal quirks that only an intimate partner would know. You are NOT crazy, and believe me, I certainly thought I was too! It took me over ten years to come to grips with the phenomenon I was experiencing, and I still occasionally think it's nuts, but that's my ego talking. I have finally come to accept this for exactly what it is: an extreme gift that I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you for helping me to validate my own story. <3

May 06, 2010
by: Rebecca

Thats is an amazing story, yet I have heard so many more recently as strange and am living my own - please check out www.collapsingduality.com and join our networking site for people in or searching/waiting for their twin flame at www.collapsingduality.ning.com we would love to share stories! :o) x

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