Black Shadow

by Amy

Something just happened in here!

Something just happened in here!

There is a short black shadow that I have seen since I was a child, in the area where I live today. I only see it in this area. It came into my house when my husband was in the hospital and tore up a big wind storm in my bedroom where I was making my bed. I asked who they were and nothing was said, it bumped into the pile of papers and telephone book on top of the dresser by my window and papers went everywhere.

There was no window open at the time. I followed it out of the bedroom and into the hallway, and then it disappeared when it entered the light from the living room window.

My 7 year old son said "something just happened in here, something really weird like something was in here but I couldn't see it, and it seemed to walk right out the kitchen door to the outside."

He could hear it walking and he could feel a slight breeze where it was walking through; a cool breeze. I felt the same thing when it was in my bedroom with me, like it was slightly breezy. We were on our way to the hospital so everything had been shut off for quite some time, because I was just quickly making my bed before I headed out the door, a ritual of my up bringing to make sure your bed is made before you go out the door.

Does anyone know what type of spirit it was? Please feel free to comment.


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