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Budding Psychic Ability

by Anonymous
(United States)

I just turned sixteen. A few nights ago, I was doing some physics work. I always get a dense feeling in my head when I do my physics work. However, this time, the dense feeling spread to my left hand. I was concerned and went into the living room.

I sat down and one of my dogs came up to me and looked at my left hand intently. When I moved it, her eyes followed. I put my left hand down and moved my right hand in front of her. She walked away like nothing happened. I put my left hand up again, and she turned around and looked at it again.

I was concerned since I was diagnosed as "bipolar". I thought I was hallucinating, but I showed my sister's boyfriend. He just said, "That's weird." Soon, the feeling in my left hand went away. My dog immediately lost interest and went somewhere else.

I have a hunch if I concentrate the feeling to go into both my hands, I can do something incredible. I don't know what happened. So, I've been looking up information on the human brain and psychic powers. Is this budding psychic ability or am I really sick?

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Oct 07, 2008
Hello Anonymous - regarding your experience - I can help
by: Yona

You are welcome to check-out my website at:

Please read the 16 links on the left hand side of the Home Page numbered 1 thru 16.

You are a "Star Seed" and your life is within those pages. Don't worry - its a good thing. Oh, and by the way, a lot of Star Seeds get misdiagnosed as being Bi-Polar instead of what they really are:

Natural Trance-Mediums and Natural Empaths.

God Bless, Yona

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