California Vacation Gone Bad

(Johnstown, CO)

I was on vacation staying at a colored family home who had only 1 child, a daughter about 3 years old. They lived in Southern California in a nice housing development with a beach front and an ocean cove view by the airport. The man was arguing with his wife he didn't want to live there because there was an earthquake headed their way. The wife didn't believe him and kept saying they were safe. I was trying to keep their daughter occupied, then all of a sudden we were on the road and highways were collapsing, construction sites with heavy equipment were in our way. I got out and started following others across the highway that was starting to split and I made across. The family yelled "please take care of our daughter" so I reached for their daughter and pulled her across. I called Nick to see what was going on and it was a movie we were starring in but I told him it seemed too real and asked when it was going to end, and he replied he wasn't that far in the book to see. I told him to move forward to find out; he replied he would be there to help clean up the mess. I took the girl and we ran into a school for safety. The flags and building was shaking then finally stopped. I was trying to go on a computer to get 1st flight home because I didn't want to stay another day. My credit card was maxed and I started to cry. I took the girl and went outside; there was a field of school kids in uniform doing a dance routine. I couldn't pay attention because I was distracted at what was happening. On the other side a lady was talking to people trying to get them on the 1st flight out. i looked around and we were on a street that had vendors selling small pumpkin shaped squash in silver pans. Me and the girl were picking yellow flowers then I woke up.


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Oct 07, 2011
new beginning
by: Anonymous

Why would you refer to them as a "colored family" that's very racist.. I believe your dream had to do with racism...based on ur story, that you had to point out you was staying with a different ethinicty from the beginning of your story...your a middle age white woman whom obviously is not close to different cultures beside your own....your dream is symbolic.."your world is collapsing"... the fact that you took their daught shows that your a warm hearted individual.. maybe you are in contact with a black family with a small child, maybe you have taken a liking to this child. And either based on your environment,family culture, etc. It is not normal or openly excepted for whites and blacks to associate in your world... and your Dream signifies your changing possibly...your becoming more open, and start living in 2011 not 1811..... embrace it...for yourself

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