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Check Your Chromosomes!

by Anonymous

Well, this is nothing much, but was actually kind of funny at the time. Who knows, maybe we are psychic!

I was in Science class and the teacher was talking about chromosomes and how having an extra or missing chromosome results in mental illnesses or something like that.

I raised my hand and asked him, "I heard someone say that people who are psychic have an extra chromosome, is that true?"

He answered that it wasn't true, but the student helper that was in the front with the teacher said that she was just thinking the exact same thing as I was!

The teacher laughed and suggested that we both check our chromosomes, and we laughed too. But it made me think...

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Jun 18, 2011
Am I female or male?

I am a 62 year old white male, but I wear female panties, jeans and wigs. I have been told to get a SEX-CHANGE, I'm not to sure. Even when I was in the army, back 1966, I had male friends, no sex. I am 6' feet tall, weigh 225, a virgo. I would like to see if my Chromosomes are mixed, XXY.

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