Medium and Clairvoyant

Clairvoyant Medium Psychic Abilities

Clairvoyant Medium Psychic Abilities

A while ago my friend and I decided to have a seance. We did everything properly and when we asked the entity questions the incense would slide back and forth across the table! I was able to remain calm but afterward I flipped.

We both heard the same thing, a man who was killed in a fire who had a child with red hair and a blond wife, there was much more detail but it is very hard to recall everything the entity had shared.

I had later sat in my room thinking about it when I got an awful headache (which now occurs regularly) and I went to rest. I had a vision of my friend crying and it actually happened! I was so astounded! I have now regularly been having these headache visions!

My father and grandmother were both clairvoyant as well and I am a bit scared that the gift was passed down to me! But at the same time I am very speechless! I can't believe I am only 13 and am clairvoyant and a medium!

Some of these Psychic Schools and Spiritual Colleges offer distance learning as well as on campus studies. Those listed have been recommended to me in one way or another over time.

This psychic test is based on the Zenner card test.

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Mini Psychic

by Joshua

Mini Psychic Medium

Mini Psychic Medium

My name is Joshua, I am 12 years old but do not underestimate me as I am very mature for my age....Sometimes.

About a year ago I found out that I am a psychic medium like my father. Adult psychics who I have met say I am a medium and I have discovered other proof such as being talented in English and I have had many wacky dreams involving my dead brother and the future.

I like animals especially cats. Is that normal for a medium? I have had many psychic experiences such as reading minds which I have yet to master.

I hope this was not too short and you enjoyed reading my story.

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by Carlos
(Miami Florida USA)

Hi my name is Carlos. I’m 13 years old and I have had dreams that become true.

Before I was living in the United States I dreamt that I was going to be in a large class with a teacher who was blonde and like a little fat. She was giving everyone popcorn. When I get to the United States everything was the same as in my dream. Also one day I was with my cousin he had a strap in his hand and I say in my mind he is going to fall. In just a second he was on the floor!

These types of events have been happening successively several times. AM I CLAIRVOYANT?

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Jun 09, 2012
by: Second hand leader of council

I'm thirteen too. You're not alone in this. I've had visions for almost 7 years and my parents didn't believe me very much till I predicted a baby's birth. It was actually fun but I also predicted my moms miscarriage that's when they actually started believeing me. The point is it feels nice talking to other people doesn't it? Exspecialy when you can relate and tell others. Your not alone when your on this fantastic journey even when you feel alone.

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