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Closet Full of Nightmares

by Karen
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Hi, my name is Karen Magdalene. I'm sixteen going on seventeen and live in a small city in the general area of Los Angeles. I've been "awake" as I like to say for a while now.

As a child who had been bullied at an early age and experiencing bouts of neglect from their parents or siblings, I was bitter. I was bitter, alone, and jealous. Though, at the time, those feelings hadn't been as intense. They were like the occasional itch that you couldn't reach and were rare to come by.

I became aware of other beings presence as a young child, I believe as far as I was around five to six considering my own grandmother's history of encountering a higher being at a point, her dedication to prayer, and (what I believe that was she described as flying) had been an out of body experience. I never really gave thought to it and was very much happy to speak to whomever I knew was there.

One particular night, everything had been silent for once and usually, from what I recall, it was always filled by a sweet presence. I lay in bed mulling over my day and reciting a prayer (To the Father, And To the Son, And to the Holy--) to only stop short when I heard a chuckle from my closed closet door. Situated in front of my bed and quite large. I replied, asking it if it were my friend, and I only received a shrill laugh that reminded me of an animal. A monkey, funnily enough. I had reeled back in fright and hid under the covers hoping the laughing would cease. It continued on and ended briefly, only for it to mock me throughout the night.

From then on, it had shouted abuse at me and threatened to come rushing out of my closet to kill my sister, my brother, and finally my parents. He would save me for last. It had been my first time ever hearing the word kill. It had gladly explained it to me.

One day, I told my parents about the entity. They had believed that it was my imagination and had decided to prove me wrong. They had pushed me into the closet itself thinking it would dissuade the 'fantasy' I had made up for attention. I had seen something shifting, the size of a man, and glance up at me before trying to reach forward. I had ran from my room shrieking and out into the street that day. Hours later, I was forced back into the room to endure another night. I became fed up after it stopped my attempt at a prayer and pushed the closet door slightly ajar. I slid under the covers and stared up at the ceiling in horror. I didn't want it near me and so I prayed for God's help that night. Anyone to come help. I felt a cool and soothing wind blow onto my face and a tenor voice tell me, "I am here. Sleep. It's okay. Sleep.", as the thing in the closet gave an enraged shriek. I slept that night without a single nestling of fear and only replied with a thank you.

Since then on, I experienced similar events. After that night, I started to hear voices as I attempted to sleep. I would feel as though I were drifting as hear voices as clear as day carrying normal conversations before I would attempt to jump in, but I would either be asked who I was or receive a rude welcome. I had only ever heard one conversation with bits of Spanish (my second language) in it; everything else was in English and some even carried hints of accents.

I had experienced burning sensations on my back and it would feel as if they were in three, I never understood their significance. This particular event stopped towards in end of middle school when I asked to be blessed by a priest when I felt something prodding in my subconscious and this numb sensation taking over as I listened to something mumbling in the back of my mind.

Ever since the Closet, I've been very much aware of the energy around me to the point where going to church (a place I feel has a mother load of energy flowing) left me somewhat lightheaded and very at peace. I have encountered Negatives and Positives when I try to fall asleep or from what I've read could be a possible connection to the Astral Plane. I have learned to block some of it off and meditated to protect myself from anything else as best as I can.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is that I need someone to help me. I feel like I need to be searching for someone, and this urge is getting stronger, to hopefully reassure me with what I'm dealing with and point me in the wrong direction. I just don't want to feel so alone anymore.

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