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Common Paranormal Experiences

by Mitchell

Have you had some sort of paranormal experience at one time or another? You should know that you are not alone - here are some of the most common paranormal experiences you might encounter.

Precognitive dreams
Everybody dreams but precognitive dreams occur when a person is able to perceive information about certain events before they happen. Pre-cognitive dreams can happen to anyone regardless of psychic ability, and offer insightful and powerful visions through the use of extra sensory perception (ESP) while in a dreamlike state. Many people believe that precognitive dreams can give advanced warnings of danger or even be used to change the outcome of future events after interpretation. Precognitive dreams can often be dismissed as “déjà vu.”

Near death experiences
While none of us really know what’s waiting for us on the other side, near death experiences (NDE’s) may give us a tantalising glimpse. Common accounts of near death experiences often describe feelings of levitation, total peace and serenity and the presence of a light. Many people also report seeing deceased relatives, religious figures and observing conversations and events from ‘outside’ their physical body.

Spirit encounters
Most of us will receive contact from a ghost, angel, or the spirit of a loved one at some point in our lives, and the ways they can make themselves known to us are practically limitless. You may become aware of a spirit's presence after coming across concentrated cold spots in your home, chills and shivers down the back of your neck, or electrical manipulations.

Astral projection
Astral projection is an ‘out of body experience’ where you are consciously aware, whilst being out of your physical body. Once there you are able to travel to higher realms, meet other entities and experience things from an ethereal perspective (for example many people find they are able to float and fly during projection).

Psychic empathy is the ability to sense and feel the emotions or physical pain of another. An ‘empath’ is extremely sensitive to the energies of others around them, as they are able to physically FEEL what a person is experiencing. These traits can often be draining, exhausting or even painful for the empath.

Paranormal experiences are much more common than you might think, and certainly aren't limited to professional mediums and psychics.

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