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Communicating Through Another Human Being

by Diane
(Dallas, TX USA)

I fell in love with and had a crush on this one guy in college. I think he had a little crush on me too. We never really acted on our feelings. However, once at a dance he tried to get me to kiss him and I didn't. My lips just pressed against his cheeks. Anyways, I tried to kiss him after I graduated and couldn't really. Okay, fast forward four years later, I decided to send him an email, after not speaking with him or seeing him for nearly two years. The next day, I had a spa appointment getting ready for my Convention. When I was at the spa -- my spirit and soul felt his presence??? I mean I started to cry and started thinking about him and my college years -- All these memories just came up. I was crying for like 5 hours since my spa day was about 5 hours!! Okay, after my spa experience I was shopping at Target for my Convention. While I was shopping, there were these twin toddlers in a cart. The mother of the Toddlers was shopping and didn't notice me. Well, one of the toddlers looked me in the eyes, smiled (liked she was up to something) and told me "Kiss Me, Kiss Me!" and the toddler started giggling. Then the other toddler (her twin) said the same thing to me. Then both the toddlers started kissing, giving pecks to each other on the cheeks and were giggling at me. The mother just started to scold and slap them telling them to stop. Basically what is it called when a human (in this case my crush) sends me a message through another human being? Later that day, I ran home and there was his email waiting for me!! :) It was almost like my crush was communicating to me through the toddlers.

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