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Crossing the River

by Kathy Angelina Williams

My story starts back 27 years ago while I was living in New Orleans, LA. One night I was in a bar down there called the Doungeon. It opened at midnight and closed at 8 am. At closing time I left and went somewhere across the river with 5 guys. Although I can't remember anything that went on over there or even how long I was there I never came back the same. All my life I have tried telling this story to different doctors. It seemed that all throughout my life I had these 5 guys with me somehow. I have thought they took my soul and so on. At the time I ran away to Nola I never knew anything about witchcraft or anything to do with the occult. Even after people down there gave me these 3 books to read it still never hit me what I may have opened myself up to. All I know is I locked myself in my hotel room and read these 3 books over and over. I felt like other people were controlling my mind. I even could tell when they would switch from one person to other one. I felt like a basketball being bounced around by these 5 guys.

One of the guys who took me across the river I had met previously by another man whom I am still in contact with to this day. Anyway Wally dropped me off at Robert's house one night and I had sex with this man without him touching me physically at all.

Another night I walked down Bourbon Street with this Blackman that had a cowboy straw-hat with a feather sticking out that called his self Chickenman. I was crying at the time he found me, and he helped me look for the few people I had met down there. I was lost and very afraid but, he somehow made me feel protected.

A year or so later I was in prison and at this time I had completely lost my mind. I hardly knew my own name much less why I was in this place they called St Gaberial. I thought I was there because the snake ring that was made for me I found when I came back to Shreveport. These people came all the way to Shreveport to get that ring and they kept it from me for 5 years. While I was in prison these people kept visiting me. I kept thinking Wally had me there for punishment. While I was there I was talking to some of the ladies in the dorm about all that had went on in N.O. When I said something about this man named Chicken Man they told me he was dead and had been for years. That still never really hit me hard enough but, they did talk me into burning all the other jewelry on the gouds to try and rid myself of this power that Wally seem to have over me.

Two days after being released from prison I felt like I was being pulled back down there so of course, once again, me and my best friend hitched a ride back down there. As we entered the city I wanted to go straight back to that bar where everything started. Everyone I knew from the past was there that night. It was if they were waiting for my arrival.

My best friend demanded to know everything they had done to me. Soon, she and the midget I used to roommate with got into a fight. All these people always tried to keep me and Lisa apart. Now I know it was because she had knowledge about things that I thought only was made up T.V. stuff. Anyway within 24 hours of getting into the city two of my sugar daddies had us on a plane out of their city.

Of course it wasn't long from being back in Shreveport before they found me again. This time Chris (sugar daddy) from Philadelphia came to get me. We first went back to Nola made contact with Wally then I was flown to Philadelphia with him. After I wouldn't have sex games with his wife I begged and begged to please let me go back to N.O. After about a month and half finally I was flown back to LA and was taken to a boarding house in the 9 ward called the Mazant House. I met a guy there named David and we ran away together. We thought we were hidden until one morning after David left for work there was a knock on the door. When I opened it I found Wally standing there telling me my older sister had killed my brother and I needed to call home.

I stayed so fried on drugs back then that I listened to everyone tell me all this stuff. What really happened was from drugs. And maybe it didn't help but, whatever happened across the river was very real and I know it.

In 2000 Wally came for me again and when I refused to go back with him, he went and stayed the night out at my younger sister, Ashlea's house. She changed from that time on. We used to be so close but now it was if she hated me. I could feel Wally in her.

Then in 2003 I found a spell written and placed in my things that was her hand writing. Something in my brain triggered and somehow from somewhere I knew exactly how to reverse the spell. From that moment on I started hearing voices so strong that I tried to kill myself twice. I got in the phone book and called so many preachers who like all the doctors before thought I was mentally ill. So I went to the book store and started reading all I could on witchcraft. Looking for answers how to fight off the evil from my sister I found myself. After being released from the mental hospital for trying to kill myself I went into this shop here called the Celtic Moon. The lady whom owned the place told me I was the sanest person she knew and gave me a book to read. After some reading I realized that I wasn't crazy at all.

As time has passed, each day is like a breath of fresh air. There are so many spirits that come to see me I hardly get any rest anymore. There is only one that I do not like because he tries to scare me. I just truly want help, learning how to keep them under control. I feel very protected by these spirits but, it seems when people harm me in any kind of way they get angry and bad things seem to happen. For the longest time I thought it was my fault that Katrina hit the 9th ward so hard because I am still angry at those people down there for keeping me in the dark for so long. I had a right to know the truth about myself and who I am in this world. I need to know what happen across that river all those years ago.

The sister that put that spell on me killed herself in Feb. And it has made me so much more conscious of my every thought. I am afraid to get mad at anyone, because no matter what anyone has done to me I do forgive them and I don't won't them to be harmed.
It is scary to know things are going to happen before they happen. I begged my sister before she died to get right with GOD as she understood GOD. The night of her death I was awakened for some reason and when I opened my bedroom door heat hit me. I walked into the kitchen to find the burner on the stove on and the light in an extra bedroom was on. This was around 3 am and around 6:30am we got the call about Ashlea. A few weeks after her death we went to Paris to visit my boyfriend’s dad and my sister came to me there. I felt all her feelings and helped her go to the light.

I could go on and on with all my experiences but, I won't. What I need is help to control these spirits so that I can rest at night. And to find out just exactly how to help these people that do not won't to cross over.

Thanks so much for your time and any help that you can send to me.

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Oct 26, 2008
Interesting tory
by: susan

Wow what an interesting story. You want help right? Well I will tell you what I do. I?m a psychic artist who is training to be an animator / animation film maker. And I ask the spirits to help me with these. They give me their ideas feeling and I turn them into something creative like a picture etc. What you need to is give them something to do to help you out, I've found that creativity help control them a bit, but spirits can't be fully controlled as they are spirits and they have their own things to do. It?s who they are. What I?m trying to say is maybe write a story about them and let them tell you what they want, or draw a picture of them you don't have to be good or anything. Just keep the spirits busy. And also if you respect them they will respect you. It?s what they're bounded to all spirits and it's what psychic should do. So the next time you feel angry with someone and you feel a spirit is going to do something get them to help you redirect it into something creative. I hope this helps.

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